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Watching Kalo Chu design and calligraph wedding invitations is almost like magic. When the Asia Wedding Network team visited her studio in Central, Hong Kong and watched her sketch her wedding invitations from scratch and calligraph each invitation envelope, we were truly amazed at how talented she was! Check out the the video below as Kalo takes us on a journey through the creation of one of her bespoke invitations.

Check out the 6 bespoke invitations she designed and calligraphed below!

1. Rustic Basque Country 

You and your fiancé have had many adventures together, and a wedding is no reason to stop exploring! This invitation card is a great way to show off your inner trapper! With a detailed map such as that, none of your guests are going to miss out on the theme or worse: get lost. The silhouette animals, and candle-lit ceremony adds a lot of personality, and who doesn’t love a bride in a Vespa? The card still manages to remain elegant with the red, white, and black colour scheme, and you can’t get anymore glamorous than the French Countryside!

kalo make art bespoke invitations

2. Barnyard Boggie 

If humour and fun is your style, then take inspiration from this wedding card! We always imagine a set of rules to follow, but with its vibrant colours, and unique layout, this wedding invitation screams that doing it your way is A-okay. We love ‘Barnyard Bingo’; it’s a good steal to get both sides of the family to break the ice! With so much creativity, this will be a card all your guests are going to remember! Fun fact: This was Kalo's own wedding invitation! 

kalo make art wedding invites

3. Once upon a time…

Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, and this bride was no exception! To achieve this invitation, all the tell tale signs of a fantasy novel have been used, such as the classic script, Victorian wordings, colourful illustrations, and Cinderella blue colour scheme. The cut out of the bride and groom are absolutely adorable! Guests can use them as bookmarks, or even be a part of the love story by tracing the couple’s journey along the River Thames!

kalo chu kalo make art

4. Let's Love

Flowers are everywhere in weddings, but these tropical ones are so fierce! The bold colours on this card tell us that this is quite the daring couple. But, they still know how to keep it classy with a fancy script and a classic banner. If you want to tell a bit of a story in your invitations, try out a timeline like this couple did! This is design from Kalo Make Art's In House Design Collection.

kalo make art invitations

5. Fairy Lights Romance

We all want to get married on a Beach in Bali, and this couple did just that! The sandy gold, oranges, and reds immediately teleports you to Indonesia! Engraving your names on invitations never get old as they instantly put the groom and bride into the spotlight. An important tip to take note of is to always put an RSVP date on your invites because you don’t want to waste money on a guest that doesn’t turn up!

kalo make art calligraphy work

6. Circle of Love

Mathematical geniuses will surely be impressed by this wedding invitation. A Venn diagram is an out of the box idea to let your guests know more about you and your fiancé. They say opposites attract, and truly all you need is love to be together… and a cat! An envelope may be vintage, but we love it, especially with some Tiffany blue!

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