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My bridesmaids dresses company was not the best company to work with

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  • My bridesmaids dresses company was not the best company to work with. I ordered 1 dress online to see how it would come out, the first dress came out really nice so I decided to order the other one. I ended up getting a dress that looked completely different at the back. So I had to go back and forth with this company online and it was nothing but a big hassle. They charged me for shipping the returned dress back to China which is where the company is. Then when we did, they didn’t even want to pay to get it out of customs. The “correct” new dress I was to receive ended up being really late and although on the website you pay to get the dress size customized, it was still very tight for one of my bridesmaids. It had been a night mare dealing with this company. Once the dresses got steamed for the day the dresses looked perfect and how I wanted them to look.