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When someone important in your life is getting married, you will need to get them a card to congratulate them with warm wedding wishes! Nowadays, writing wedding wishes in a Chinese wedding card is not that different from other types of weddings. There are many beautiful, sweet, funny, or sentimental cards available on the market to choose from. Once you’ve decided which card to go with, you’ll have to write a note, wishing them a happy wedding, to go inside. Here are some things you can say to wish them a happy wedding:
1. Wishing you a long and happy marriage!
2. So happy to hear you are getting married! Congratulations to you both.
3. Best wishes to the happy couple! 
The statements above are great ways to start off your card, because they acknowledge the big event in a happy and kind way, and can make a good segue into a more personal note of warm wedding wishes. Starting off the card with a warm wish and positive sayings is especially important in a wedding card for a Chinese wedding. Even if the couples are really close friends of yours, starting off the card with positive and warm vibes rather than an inside joke is more preferred for traditional Chinese weddings. 

Things to Write in Wedding Card 1

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4. May this be the start of a long and happy life together. 
5. Many wonderful wishes as you start your journey together.
These statements above are great ways to address a more traditional or formal couple while still being friendly and wishing them well on their new married life. When writing a wedding card for a Chinese wedding, you'll want to acknowledge their long and happy wedding - and life - afterwards. 

Things to Write in Wedding Card 4

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6. Thank you for letting me share in your special day! 
7. I am so grateful to be a part of your wedding celebration. 
8. It has been amazing to experience this happy and special time in your life. 
9. Welcome to our family! We are so happy to celebrate with you. 
10. After all that we’ve experienced as friends, I’m so happy to be here for your big day. 
11. Thank you for making my sibiling/parent/friend/etc. so happy. Best wishes for your marriage!
The statements above thank the couple for including you in their wedding plans, as well as acknowledging how important and special their wedding is. These statements can also acknowledge your relationship to the couple, whether that be friends or family. Always show your appreciation when writing a wedding card for a Chinese wedding, it will show the couple how much you mean to them!

Things to Write in Wedding Card 3

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12. Sending you lots of happiness and love. 
13. Hugs, kisses, and smiles from (insert name here).
14. May your future be filled with many wonderful memories. 
15. Love you two so much! Congratulations on your wedding. 
These short and sweet statements above will work for almost any couple, regardless of your relationship to them - and regardless of whether it's a traditional Chinese wedding or any other type of wedding. 

Things to Write in Wedding Card 7

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16. God bless your marriage and your life together. 
17. Mazel Tov! Best wishes for your marriage. 
If you know that the couple is religious, you can consider writing a religious note that reflects their belief system. The one above is just one example - if your couple practices a different religion, you can customize your note to them. 

Things to Write in Wedding Card 5

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18. Congratulations on tying the knot! Wishing you all the best on this next chapter of your lives. 
19. Here’s to the bride and groom! Can’t wait to toast to you at your wedding.
20. Wishing you the wedding day of your dreams! May you both live a long and happy life together. 
21. (Insert any favorite song lyric or movie quote about love!)
If you want to make your card a little more personal or sentimental, write a sweet, longer note. Make it a little more personal by adding something relevant to the couple, like a quote from a romantic comedy you know they enjoy. When writing a wedding card for a traditional Chinese wedding, it's best to insert these inside jokes after you've wished them a happy wedding and a joyful life ahead! 

Things to Write in Wedding Card 6

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