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The art of creating the perfect wedding invitation lies in the tiniest of details. Wedding invitations are your chance to make the first impression for your wedding so creating something high quality should definitely be a priority! We spoke with The Fine Press, a letterpress invitation studio based in Jakarta that’s able to serve clients worldwide about how to create a set of high quality letterpress wedding invitations, the process, and what difference it can really make. Scroll down to read the full interview! 

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Asia Wedding Network (AWN): “So let’s start at the very beginning. When was The Fine Press started and why?” 

The Fine Press (TFP): “The Fine Press was founded in second half of 2015. We have always loved letterpress printing as it is like a form of art and one can trace its roots back to the 14th century (when it was used to print Bibles!). While helping a friend to source for invitation vendor, we chanced upon a vendor that was looking to sell his letterpress machine. We immediately took the plunge and purchased the machine and haven’t looked back since. That was probably our best decision to date!”

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AWN: “We would say so! What makes you different from other invitation vendors in Asia or even around the world?” 

TFP: “There are only a handful of letterpress printers in Asia as it is a trade that requires great patience and workmanship. The machines are mostly 50 or 60 years old so imagine trying to get them to work at a fast rate everyday! Also, letterpress printing produces the best effect on cotton paper, and the supply of cotton paper is not common in Asia. We made it a point to import our own cotton paper so that clients get the best letterpress effect. Letterpress printing without cotton paper is like eating burger without the meat patty!”

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AWN: “That’s an interesting analogy! Then can you tell us a bit more on what makes your paper and your letterpress/gold foil so special?”

TFP: “Most people would assume that all papers are made from wood pulp. For cotton paper, it is actually made from cotton. This gives the paper a soft and fluffy nature which allows for good deboss effect when it is letterpress printed. Basically, you will never look at printing the same way again after you have touched and felt a letterpress printed card. That's how awesome letterpress is!”

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AWN: “We definitely agree. Once you go cotton, you can’t go back. Let’s move on to letterpress and gold foil. Are yours done in any special way different from other companies?”  

TFP: “All invitations are made in our in-house facility and for every stage of production, we made sure that it is personally checked by ourselves before going for full production. This is our way of ensuring that the invitations are printed in the best quality and form. Occasionally, we also find ourselves coming back to office on weekends to check on the final product before delivery to client. We are proud of this mission of ours to make our clients' invitations the best that it can be.” 

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AWN: “Quality control is definitely key! For our brides and grooms interested in making their invitations with you, can you walk us through each step of the process?”

TFP: “We usually meet up or video call with clients to explain the nature of letterpress printing and find out what are their design preferences. After that, we will proceed to provide a few sketches based on client's preference and embark on the design phase After the design phase, we will provide a few colour options for envelope/invite stock thickness depending on the design. We will then go into the production phase after client has confirmed on the stock options and quantity. We also are able to ship worldwide.”

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AWN: “Simple enough, and love the worldwide shipping aspect! What price range can our brides expect?”

TFP: “Pricing ranges from USD2.50 to USD5.50 depending on the quantity, specification requirement, shipping destination etc. We usually require these information from client to provide a more accurate quotation.”

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AWN: “And how about other extra services that you provide?”

TFP: “We offer invitation design and other design-and-print services for wedding-related items e.g. Holy Matrimony Book and Menu Card.”

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AWN: “That’s great! Finally, given the move to electronic cards and electronic stationery, can you remind us how important it is to still use paper invites or stationery?” 

TFP: “We would say it actually depends a lot on the couple. From our experience, clients who engaged our services appreciate the luxurious nature of our invitations and are always thrilled when they receive the final product. Many potential clients also brought along our invitations which they had received from their friends to meet us. Ironically, in today's digitalised world, printed invitations tend to stand out amongst the sea of email and digital messages that we are inundated with everyday.”  

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