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You’ve probably already jumped through many hoops to be well loved and liked by your finance’s family. This can be a difficult time, so congratulations for pulling through! But this doesn’t mean that you can turn off your hospitality. Chinese New Year can be really fun but sometimes also a stressful time for families, especially heads of the household. Think about the food preparation, the amount of entertaining socializing that needs to be done for them. Use this opportunity to show how amazing of a future daughter in law you can be and take this time to cater to your future parents-in-law! We’ve got a list of the best ways you can be the perfect future daughter-in-law this Chinese New Year, see below:

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1. Help around the house and kitchen
Remember that love is really shown through your actions and not your words. Step into the kitchen and ask how you can help. Chances are, your future parents-in-law would love your help with preparing meals. Your future parents-in-law might refuse at first, but be a little persistent. Let them know that you are there to help the celebrations run smoothly.

2. Avoid any arguments
This should be a no-brainer! If you know your future parents-in-law have different ideals then you, then don’t bring them up. Remember, tradition says the elders are here to teach young people, not the other way around. It’s just safe to keep all of your opinions to yourself.

3. Keep them healthy
Do you know if your future parents-in-law are fighting an illness? Pick up some vitamins, tea or other herbs that will be good for their health. Not only is it a good sign of faith, but it’s genuine. They will know that you truly care about their well-being. Chinese New Year is also a busy time for many people. Our immune systems sometimes can’t keep up with the festivities sometimes.

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4. Act and dress conservatively
Remember, you aren’t going to a dance club for Chinese New Year outings. You’ll be spending celebrations with your future family! Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and little kids will be around. It’s important to keep an eye out on your mannerisms and outfits. You want to look your best and really impress your future parents-in-laws. You don’t have to look like you’re primed for church, but don’t look ready for the bars either.

5. Be attentive
This is especially important if you don’t know many members of your future family! Watch your future parents-in-laws as they prepare for the Chinese New Year celebrations. They might have certain traditions that they expect you and your hubby to carry on. This is the time to not zone out and take some mental notes. Plus, you want to get to know your future family members as well as possible.

6. Listen to their advice
As with many elders, when advice is dished out, you’re going to want to take it. Especially when it comes from your future parents-in-laws! They raised your husband, they really do know him best. It’s a sign of great faith when you take the advice of your family members.

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7. Don’t take anything too personal
You might feel like a comment was a mean jab, but you can’t take everything spoken personally. Tensions might be high, or things might be going perfectly. Just think, your future parents-in-laws could be just as nervous as you!

8. Don’t gossip
This could be SO disastrous! Don’t ever gossip about other family members, and especially don’t gossip at family events, including Chinese New Year. It’s best to stick to your guns and be polite...even if you aren’t a fan of a certain family member.

9. Share your interests
If you and your future family members have a similar interest, take this opportunity to bond over the hobby. If your future parents-in-law love to cook, get in the kitchen together. When you share a love with someone, you’re guaranteed to bond quickly.

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10. Keep them informed
You shouldn’t use Chinese New Year as an excuse to hang out with your future parents-in-laws. Make sure to keep them informed of what’s going on in you and your hubby’s lives. Especially with wedding planning! They’ll want to know your progress on the planning.

11. Be sensitive
Your future parents-in-law might feel upset that their son is getting married. It can become a delicate situation for any family. Don’t compete with any family members, i.e. his sisters, and be as sweet and gentle as possible. Smile and be polite!

12. Positive attitude
Nobody likes a negative personality. Even if you aren’t the biggest fans of some of family members, it’s best to just smile at any drama-filled relatives - especially if you are meeting most of his extended family for the first time. Grin and bear it, ladies!

13. Have your hubby praise you
If you are still getting to know your future parents-in-law, have your hubby praise your best attributes in front of his family. He’ll want to do this too since he’ll also want his family to love you. This is an opportunity for his family to learn what you’re best at, and to see how deeply your husband really loves you. It’s a double duty compliment!