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It’s obvious that anyone would strive to plan a spectacular and memorable proposal. You want to totally blow your partner away. Not only because you love them but because you want them to say yes. We’re not trying to scare you, but if you are planning a very detailed proposal there are a ton of things that can go wrong. Usually this is because someone tried to plan too many details without too much thought behind them. These fail proposal stories might scare you into doing more research and really coming up with a better proposal idea.

These 12 Proposal FAILS Will Make You Want to Plan Your Proposal More Carefully 1

1. When lychees turn sour
In Xi’an, a guy spent around $2,000 RMB on these lychees and used them in the proposal as her girlfriend loves eating lychee. Creative enough, however, the girl said they are too young and this was silly. After she ate a lychee, she turned and left. “Lychees are sweet, but today my heart is sour,” say the proposer. 

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2. Caught on the Jumbotron…and on national television
This guy tried to pull off an epic proposal on a basketball court. And it was call captured on the Jumbotron. Even the moment when she leans over and whispers no in his ear. The worst part? It was also being broadcast on television. Ouch.


Credit: Don Jeffrey

3. Dancing, singing, but no proposing
On a busy street in Wuhan, this guy got together a large group of friends and throw a big proposal event for his girlfriend. There was dancing, singing, and a huge crowd. He performed love songs and prepared a large bouquet of red roses. At the end, the girl didn’t show up.


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4. Small ring? No thanks
Before you get down on one knee, make sure she’ll like the ring. This guy planned a well-thought out flash mob wedding proposal but took out a less than stellar ring. Needless to say, she ran off at the shock of how small it was.


Credit: Weibo Official Channel

5. Awkward rejection in front of her fam
Proposing in front of family and friends can lead to a heartwarming acceptance. But only if she says yes. One unfortunate guy pulled out a ring in front of her whole family at Christmas. And he was brutally let down in front of the tree.


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6. First time, rejected. Section time, loudspeaker…but also rejected
If a proposal is not carefully planned, it can embarrass your girlfriend and ruin everything. This girl was already not happy with the public proposal, but the guy didn’t give up and took out a speaker to continue proposing. Everyone laughed as she walked away. Lesson learned: Don’t add fuel to the fire.


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7. Happy meals do not equal happy proposals
This guy was doomed from the beginning. He mounted a camera on his dashboard and planted a ring in a happy meal box from McDonald’s. In the video, you can feel the awkwardness from the very beginning. Obviously she said no. Maybe next time he can splurge a little for a steak dinner.


Credit: Conditional Love

8. ‘Till death do us apart…literally
It seems liked everything was going smoothly until he took out a flower wreath…a funeral wreath. “I am willing to walk with you to the end of love, marry me please!” he said. The girl threw away the flower and slapped him.


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9. Mall proposal gone wrong
We kid you not. This guy literally set up a proposal in a mall. No, he didn’t just drop down on one knee in front of a Foot Locker. He rented a sound system and proclaimed his love for the entire shopping center to hear. Obviously she said no. The pain on her face is unbearable.


Credit: Young Choppa

10. Street proposal…with unexpected third party
Does she really love you? Be 100% sure about this before you pop the question. In Taiwan, a guy got down on his knees and was hoping for a “Yes” from her. Unfortunately, the girl was not moved at all. Another man stepped in and grabbed the girl away. Ouch.


Credit: Jazz Wei

11. Proposing on a game show
I’m still trying to decide why these guys believe that proposing on live television is a good call. This guy tried to propose on the set on a game show. Not only did she say no, but the guy tried to argue with her about her rejection. On live television.


Credit: blown23q

12. Using the “I’ve got a house and car” line
Think carefully about the romantic lines when you propose to your girlfriend. This guy took out the ring, a housing contract, car keys, and said, “If you marry me, I will write your name on the premises permit.” However, this made the girl angry and she said, “I have the ability to purchase an apartment myself and I am not having you write my name! I told you I am not marrying you for the house!” Those lines don’t work in this modern age.


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