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Christmas is finally around the corner and if you are planning on an epic holiday proposal, Christmas is the way to go. Proposing at Christmas is super traditional yet very romantic, plus you can also pull off more unique and creative proposals that will be meaningful. You can proclaim your love in private, in front of family, or go totally public. It's a great option if you're looking for something different but with a traditional twist.
1. The good ole’ Christmas tree proposal
If you are considering proposing at Christmas, you could think about pulling off the super traditional proposal - yep, right in front of the Christmas tree. You can do this by having her unwrap the box itself or hang the ring from a tree branch. You can choose to have a private proposal or in front of family. Either way, this super traditional proposal gives you plenty of options to make it your own.

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2. Use large boxes to really surprise her
Wrap the ring box in a smaller box. Then continue to wrap the boxes until you’ve got a pretty large looking present. Not only will it totally throw her off, but it will be a hilarious moment to watch her unwrap each individual box. This proposal will be even funnier when surrounded by family. At the end, take the small box and get down on one knee.

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3. Use the ’12 Days of Christmas’ to your advantage
Instead of just gifting her with one ring on Christmas day (or eve), make a full event out of the proposal. Pull off a 12 days of Christmas proposal. You can do this by buying several small gifts (we get it, you just spent thousands on a ring) that lead right up to the big moment. It might also throw her off if you are aiming for a surprise.

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4. Write it in the snow
If you spend Christmas in an area with snow, take advantage of the cooler weather. Write out your proposal in the snow! It can be a totally sweet moment. Just like out of a romantic movie.

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5. The ‘Love, Actually’ Way
Do you remember that romantic comedy, “Love, Actually?” It’s a classic Christmas movie. One of the characters (played by Andrew Lincoln) professed his love for a woman (Keira Knightly) by silently holding caption cards. You can pull off a similar move with your proposal. If she’s a big fan of the movie, you’ll win even more brownie points.

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6. Hide the ring in a pair of gloves
She might be a little confused as to why you’d gift a pair of gloves at Christmas. But place the ring in the left hand’s ring finger. Have her try on the glove as soon as she unwraps it. And make sure to record her reaction, because it’s going to be a unique one.

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7. Propose on the rink
Ice skating as a couple can actually be a very romantic experience. If you both aren’t too terrible on the ice. But proposing while on the rink can lead to a beautiful moment. If you aren’t comfortable skating, give it a few practice sessions before pulling off the proposal. Skating is harder than it looks. You don’t want to be falling all over the place while trying to propose.

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8. Recruit a pet
Dogs and cats are awesome. If you share a pet with your loved one, use them in your proposal. Not only will it be super meaningful, but the pictures will be ridiculously cute. You can write out a sign that says, “will you marry my dad?” or something along those lines, and hang it on the neck of your dog or cat. She’ll melt...and will have to say yes!

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9. The mistletoe proposal
Yeah, it’s super cliche. But using a mistletoe in your Christmas proposal is not only traditional but super romantic. It’ll really set the mood for your long awaited question.

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10. Use the Elf on the shelf
The elf on the shelf is a newer Christmas tradition. It’s a toy elf that can be posed overnight to look like he’s into some big mischief. While many kids enjoy the elf, it would be a fun toy to use in your proposal. You can position him in a unique way and maybe incorporate a game into the proposal.

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11. Ask the morning of
You can also pull of a romantic proposal just by laying in bed. This is a great option to pull off on Christmas morning. Wake up with the sun and just cuddle for a bit. When the moment is right, ask the big question. She’ll love it. And when you meet family later, you can break the news to them then - so well thought out, right?

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12. Ask the day after
If you want to completely surprise her, propose the day after Christmas. She won’t be expecting it since Christmas is clearly over. It won’t be as traditional but depending on your relationship, this could become a more memorable proposal.

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