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Defined by the layered textured prints and free-spiritedness, the effortlessness and ethereal aesthetic of the Bohemian style makes a beautiful wedding theme. If you’re looking to find a balance between keeping it classic and rustic, you will fall in love with every single detail of a Bohemian wedding theme. For those who desire the perfect blend of refinement and vintage, here’s everything you'll want for your boho chic wedding:

1. White Wedding Fabric Bunting Flags
Made of fabrics from vintage to newly woven, and even second-hand cloth, these flag garlands are of top notch quality. The handmade mixed fabric bunting flags bring an air of an effortless shabby chic, going hand in hand with the Bohemian theme when hung beneath the stars.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Bunting Flags

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2. Love Is a Piece of Cake Wedding Cake Topper
Written in cursive, the ‘Love is a piece of cake’ cake topper accentuates the sophistication yet simplicity and playfulness of a party. The brassy gold color also brings a boho flair to the décor.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Cake Topper 1

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3. Engraved Wooden Wedding Chair Signs
The pair of engraved chair creatively signs say “My Darling Wife” and “My Loving Husband." While they infuse a rustic flair, they make for nice photo props before, during, and even after an outdoor wedding reception.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Signs

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4. Bohemian Macramé Wedding Ceremony Altar Arch
This beautiful intricately hand-woven piece would look great for a Bohemian wedding backdrop. The texture creates that rustic feel as subtly mixes geometric and natural elements together.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding AltarPhoto Credit: TheHousePhoenix | Shop Now

5. Bohemian Shabby Chic ‘Matilda’ Bouquet
The incredibly beautiful bouquet incorporates eucalyptus, succulents, handmade fabric flowers and brooches. With a lush, deep-colored bouquet in your hand, you will look like a boho princess as you walk down the aisle.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Bouquet 2

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6. Boho Wedding Invitation Kit
The hand-painted mint and gold watercolor wedding invitation captures the essence of your free-spirited hearts. You'll also love the watercolor wreath and the design at the back of the card. Show off your bohemian style by asking your guests to save the date with these amazing invites!

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Invitations 2

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7. Bohemian Floor Length Wedding Veil
Adorned with exquisite French lace and soft, silk tulle that drapes softly down the back, this veil is made for the free-spirited brides at an outdoor wedding.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Veil

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8. Bohemian Beaded Wedding Headpiece
This incredibly gorgeous crystal headpiece will transform any bride to a boho princess. Adorned with an abundance of Preciosa cyrstals, lace flowers, and pearls, this unique and vintage headpiece gives off a French, bohemian flair.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Hairband

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9. Bohemian Gold Party Flash Tattoo
This fun set of gold flash tattoos that say, ‘Bride Tribe’ is a fun yet stylish addition to any wedding party - another perfect way to celebrate the bride at a boho chic wedding.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Bridal Tattoo 1

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10. Bride Tribe Shot Glasses
This set of shot glasses are the perfect wedding favour for your guests as you end your wedding night. The brassy golden heart arrow design looks refined and classy, complementing the boho theme perfectly.

Bohemian Wedding Boho Style Wedding Glasses

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