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Though anytime during the first half of the year are great times to get married in Koh Samui, February is the best month to plan a Koh Samui wedding. On average, Koh Samui gets about an inch of rain during this month, which greatly minimizes your chances of having a downpour on your wedding ceremony. The waters also are more calm compared to other months of the year which means water activities are safer and the ocean is more clear for snorkeling or scuba diving.

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When are “wet season” and “hot season?

End of May and beginning of June is when you start entering “wet season” with November as the wettest month of the year, averaging around 12 inches of water. In a nutshell, December until February is labeled as “the dry season,” where you will get the least amount of rain and the temperatures are comparatively cooler - but hotel prices are more expensive. The “hot season” is from March until August, and the “rain season” is from September until November. During this time, hotels are significantly cheaper and your bound to find special wedding promotions (and more flexible vendor negotiations!).

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Is there rainfall during “hot season” or only during “wet season?”

Nevertheless, do keep in mind that rainfall during this “hot season” period can be possible but don’t happen too often during late afternoon, which is when we suggest you to host your wedding ceremony. These types of rainfalls occur only a few hours at a time often ending with more sunshine and clear skies afterwards.

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