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From Bride Midori: “The overall theme of my wedding was “white & glam.” All elements from flowers to the invitation were all white and gold. My flowers are all white, and I made sure to have very little green so it wouldn’t look too earthy & natural and achieve more of a glam & luxurious look! For the wedding ceremony we had white Sakura trees in our chapel. This was one of my favorite wedding elements because Sakura is one of representations of Japan, and as being Japanese it really felt extra special.”

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Describe your wedding! “For our reception at the banquet, we created our own dance floor on the middle with our initials on it. Because I love to dance I definitely wanted a dance floor. I loved seeing all of guests come up and dance with us! Also another favorite part of the decoration was the flower ceiling, I actually decided to add this super last minute! (I mean like 4hours before the wedding). Because I wanted a big spacious indoor venue, we booked out a hotel banquet that is for 400people for our 100guests wedding, and without the ceiling the room looked way too big, so actually we needed so much flowers and curtains to cover a lot of the space to make it look full but the decor team did such an amazing job! We had a flower wall photo booth at the waiting area so the guests can take cute pictures! That was really cute too!”

How long did it take to plan your wedding? “I actually only spent 5 months to plan the wedding! I was not involved as much, I just sent my planner and the designer bunch of inspo pictures of my dream wedding so that they get my vision and told them specifically what I want and some important elements and they made it happen! I didn’t want any stress planning the wedding so once I knew they see my vision and I can trust them, I let them take charge of the planning! And I’m so happy I did that because My wedding was beyond my expectations, truly my dream wedding and most importantly stress- free!”

What kind of emotions did you and your now husband feel throughout the day? “Before the wedding, we were so excited but completely chill. I didn’t have any anxiety throughout the wedding planning process, I was so calm and relaxed on my wedding day. All of my braidmaids and friends called me ‘the chillest bride of all time.’ During the ceremony and the reception dinner& party everything was just so magical and full of bliss. I asked my best friend to be an MC of the wedding so that our wedding would feel more intimate and casual! Throughout the day I was so emotional and constantly having tears of joy. Thank God I requested for waterproof makeup! Especially during my husbands’ speech. His speech was definitely the highlight of out wedding! My husband is more of a quiet, cool guy and he usually doesn’t express his emotions with words, so when I heard his speech I was so touched and overwhelmed with joy, actually I saw all of the female guests cry with me. His speech was just unbelievable and no one expected that from him at all! So I remember just feeling so grafeful to be able to marry such an incredible human being, and it was the most unforgettable moment of the day.”

Any advice for current bride-to-be’s planning their wedding? “My motto throughout the wedding planning process was to enjoy every moment and have no stress! Wedding planning can be so tiring but sometimes it’s good to not over think it and let professionals take control as well. Don't obsess about perfection to the point where you stress yourself out in the process! Weddings are a joyous occasion, and at the end of the day it’s all about you and your loved ones! So just focus on being happy, don’t worry about anything else!”


Featured Vendors

Venue: The Mulia Bali | Photography: Axioo Bali | Videography: Bali Metro | Wedding Dress: Galia Lahav | Evening Gown: Nicole & Felicia | Shoes: Gianvito Rossi | Makeup & Hair: Methasart | Cake: Sugar Legacy Bali | Wedding Planner: Bali Chemistry Wedding | Decor: Aliuosidecor | Entertainment: DJ Lio btx | Menswear: Tom Ford