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From Bride Clarice: “We planned our wedding for about a year. But even before we were even engaged, we had discussions on wedding preferences that we both strongly agreed about having a destination wedding. We wanted to get married in a place where we are surrounded by both sights and sounds of nature, with only our closest families and friends as our guests. We wanted to achieve an easy and relaxed, but bright and joyful ambiance. We wanted to dress comfortably and to spend time mingling and bonding with our loved ones. To us, as much as how stressful planning a wedding can be, the day itself should be the day we and our guests be relaxing and enjoying the most. Then it hit us! Our idea sounded like a vacation, and what would best achieve our preferred theme but a beach destination wedding?! We also chose pastel blue and bright peach as our color motif as it would immediately remind everyone of the beach. We wanted to make the most of everyone’s time. Asia Wedding Network provided wide range of resources, ideas and inspirations beyond the locally available resources we have in the country. I was able to learn of new concepts, fresh ideas and take on planning the wedding that I even adopted a few and tweak them in my own. It was also fun learning of other culture and traditions of weddings in other countries that made the website very interesting.”

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First off, how did you two meet? “We met in college back in early 2010. We were both classmates at the time, pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. He was already low-key courting me by befriending me and scouting me as one of his thesis mates. We have so much similarities, yet a few distinct differences that made it easy for us to get along and click while keeping the relationship interesting and full of surprises. In about 3 months, we were already deeply in love. Acknowledging that we seem to have already crossed the friendzone, we finally made it official in October 2010. It’s been us since then through all the highs and lows, up to tying the knot last February 8, 2020.”

Describe your wedding! “We first searched and booked a reputable coordinator, and then everything sky-rocketed from there. I was an early bird bride. Three months before, almost everything was already set and ready to go. Little did anybody anticipated the start and onset of the Covid-19 pandemic late January. The one to two weeks before my wedding was hectic. I had guests from China and Hong Kong unable to attend my wedding. Two of whom were part of the entourage (Maid of Honor and a Principal Sponsor). I had to scramble and find substitutes and get the gowns from the original owners to them in a rush. Majority of my husband’s relatives were also be coming from China. Since they were under lockdown and our country had also blocked entry, his only remaining guests were his immediate family and a few friends. I also have a few local guests that cancelled due to safety reasons as well. Thus, we have about 50 guests reduced. We had to rearrange a few negotiations with the venue regarding the reduction on accommodation, meals and transportation. Thankfully, the resort was kind enough to make the adjustments and reduced our cost. I was praying so hard that the situation could hopefully get better. Despite this unexpected obstacle, I still felt so blessed, lucky and grateful that the virus was not yet so severe at the time, that most of our guests were still able to make it, and that the plans for the wedding had pushed through wonderfully.”

What kinds of emotions did you feel throughout the day? “I was unexpectedly calm throughout the day (I was a bridechilla!), but I’ve been feeling tight in my chest even days before as if my heart’s prepping me in advance so I won’t burst out my emotions during the day. On the other hand, my husband was totally chill, until it’s his turn to state his vow. He suddenly felt that tightness in his chest as well that made him tear up a bit during his vow. (You can see this in the SDE video.) It was actually funny. We had our own vows memorized and when he paused, I thought he just forgot the words and I even whispered that it’s ok to look at his script. But when I saw his eyes reddening, I just realized then and there that he was actually going to cry. I did not even think about the possibility of him crying because this was the first time I saw him tear up after 8 years of dating. By then I was also holding back tears too. Thankfully, he regained composure in a while. Otherwise, I think we would have a crying session. Needless to say, this was my favorite moment as I got to see another side of my husband I’ve never seen before. The moment was just so powerful and so real that we both felt our vows were being blessed and etched in our marriage. Only after we were declared husband and wife that we felt total relief and the weights on our chests disappeared.”

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Venue: Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort | Photography & Videography: Mayad Studios | Planner: Monina E Events and Marketing | Wedding Dress: PS Officiel | Shoes: Waltz Manila | Accessories: Rose Crown PH | Makeup & Hair: Lindsay Lin Makeup Artistry | Rings: Forever Couple | Jewelry: Fidela PH | Decor: Money Event Styling | Invitations: Invitations by Yanna’s Printshop | Menswear: Suit It Up Manila | Entertainment: Woodstring Band