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From Bride Nicole: “The wedding took place at the Beldi Country Club, surrounded by a rose field. We started with a ceremony with an officiant that was a comedian so that was extremely entertaining. It was followed by a cocktail reception in the garden with Henna tattoo artists, a saxophone player, a vintage photo booth and some speeches. After the wedding entrance spectacle, we had a Moroccan dinner followed by dancing through until 6am in the morning. Thank goodness for the kebab-fries buffet at 2am, giving us some extra energy. Can we do this again, please? Because we were bursting into laughter, excitement and had the ultimate joy of our entire life!”

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First off, how did you two meet? “On a Monday evening, we were both invited to a Hollywood themed costume party. Chris wearing the Ironman costume and I wearing my usual office outfit, thinking that nobody will show up in costumes on a weekday night. I spotted the handsome tall French guy and soon enough found out that he was single and new in Hong Kong! After a short introduction by friends, I left after noticing that it was a lost case as he seemed too shy to talk. Few days later on my birthday, Chris strategically messaged me via Facebook and asked me out for drinks! Strategically, I asked him to join her at a Salsa club and continued with the second date at a 7am Hot Yoga class! After 2months of dating, Chris then finally asked me for my mobile phone number as communication was still via Facebook, and made it official with being boy-girlfriend. After 9 months of relationship, Chris popped the "I love you" and we moved in together!”

What kind of emotions did you (or your husband) feel throughout the day? “The most amazing feeling in my life so far. I did a yoga session in the morning before getting ready and used a mantra in my meditation to stay in the moment, completely present. I wanted the time to pass slowly. It worked, and I was able to enjoy every single second of it. I’ve never felt so much love from everyone and it’s just fantastic that you have all your loved ones, friends and family in one place, with everyone happy and excited.”

Tell us more about your wedding! “It took me most definitely more than those 480 hours because my intense attention to detail. I have planned almost day and night because of the time difference from Hong Kong to Marrakech but that went on for about a year. No matter how stressful it got, I tried to love every second of the process. There were too many fun moments, from wedding dress hunting, bridesmaid dress selecting with the girls, putting together colour palettes and mood boards, brainstorming the ceremony content, creating the wedding invitation, finding unique decorations and ideas to DIY on all the favours. The best day of our life and worth every minute planning and preparing for the big day.”

Was there one particular moment that was very special to you? “Our favorite moment was the grand entrance from the cocktail to the dinner. Whilst all the guests were getting seated, we took a moment to ourselves, hiding in the bridal room, soaking in what had happened so far. There was nothing like looking into each other’s eyes and realising that this was the moment we’d been waiting for. We hopped on the palanquins, which are Moroccan traditional plates, with eight men who then carried us inside to the dinner location. That was the highlight, where we could feel the energy from everyone, with all our loved ones dancing and singing along to “Alabina” while firing up the sparklers. The atmosphere right in that moment was unforgettable.”

What colors did you use? “Our color palette included Yves Klein blue, matte gold and blush pink.”

Since your wedding was planned to the smallest detail, what was the most stressful thing when planning your wedding? “The most stressful moment for me was when it came to the logistics, but to be honest, that was my idea. We wanted all our 150 guests to experience the most hassle-free wedding. So, I became almost a travel agent and helped with even the hotel bookings (I got to know most of the Riads and hotels for special deals) It was important that all transportation throughout the weekend was smoothly organised so everything was taken care of for our guests. I wanted everyone to feel relaxed. I used the guest check-in app Zkipster, created by a high school friend, to support the wedding coordinator team on-site.”

Any advice for current bride-to-be’s planning their wedding? "The most common two mistakes are not hiring a wedding planner or not hiring a videographer! It takes approximately 480 hours to plan a wedding and involves around 20 different vendors. So doing it yourself and everyone around you a big favour and hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. A wedding planner knows what details to look out for, makes sure you don’t get overcharged and knows how to keep the flow of the whole wedding day so your party can go on forever. Myself I am a wedding planner so I planned the wedding myself and hired a wedding coordinator to help with everything on the day and support with some tasks leading up to the day. That took a lot of dedication and time but for myself, it was worth everything."


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Venue: The BELDI Country Club | Proposal Planner: Groom himself | Videography: Kechkiya | Fine Jewellery: Messika | Jewellery: Premier Jewellery & Watch | Jewellery: Premier Jewellery & Watch | Photography: Tali Photography | Shoes: Jimmy Choo & Vickie Shoes | Makeup & Hair: Station Louis XIV (Stephane, Jose) | Gifts & Favors: MAEV | Menswear: L&K Tailor | Invitations: Steady Hands Creative | Musicians & Entertainment: DJ Ray Douglas / Laurent Kremer Live Music | Honeymoon Venue: Six Senses Laamu, Maldives | Wedding Planner: Bespoken For Weddings