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I met my Nicolò not too long ago. We did not immediately like each other: there was something about him that spited me -  and somehow it still does! Let me explain: Nicolò and I like to tease each other, and we do that a lot! I finally found someone to be goofy with, and that is as foolish as I am! We met each other after I had a few love disillusions, and I was a bit disenchanted about love in general, while he revealed himself to be so caring and sweet - he was ready for a full-commitment, meaningful relationship! He made me crumble! 

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He organized our proposal with the help of a Marriage Proposal Planner, that, as I learned afterwards, set up this whole beautiful scenario for our ‘Yes’! He bought a gorgeous solitaire Diamond Ring for me and he thought of giving it to me in a classic-romantic environment: A Pavilion rolled up with starry lights and candles, dotted with rose petals and a huge MARRY ME marquee letters sign. On top of that, he hired a photographer for photo-shooting - and he bought a bottle of Champagne! A funny note: He had made me a cute dusty pink rose bouquet made especially for me, forgetting that I am allergic to any greenery!

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That night he said he wanted to take me to dinner, but wanted to get out of the apartment earlier to have a stroll. He did not give me too much of an explanation but we were so rushed that I didn’t ask for any. And more weirdly, given it was already dark, he asked the taxi driver to take us to a park…he only said, “You will see” and I trusted him!

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As we arrived at the parking lot and the taxi drove off, it was so dark that it was almost creepy! Luckily, he seemed to know what he was doing, so I let him lead me to the entrance of the park where, after a few steps, I started to notice some lights in the distance…

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He wasn’t replying to my questions so as I was getting closer and closer, I finally realized that there was probably a shooting going on, but I keep wondering why we were here?! He took me closer, until, despite my remonstrations (because I did not want to intrude someone else’s photo booth) we stepped inside the Pavilion, and once there, he just dropped down on his knee and gave me an opened ring box! We could not stop staring at each other and we could not stop laughing! As he was finally able to give a little speech, I said “Yes!” 

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We later had a photo shooting in that amazing environment: the moon was sparkling on our backs and it was both romantic and hilarious cause we could not stop joking and teasing each other! So US!


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