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After spending months or possibly years planning a wedding, you are probably looking forward to relaxing on your honeymoon with your new spouse. First, breathe a sigh of relief that the biggest part of the marriage process is over! The next step is to jet off with your new spouse to begin your life as a married couple.  A lot of couples opt for something tropical or a foreign when selecting a honeymoon destination. While this is idyllic, it can come with its own set of problems. 
When planning a wedding, you know that problems come up often. You just cannot possibly plan for everything! Chances are that something did not go according to plan. That is life. If you are lucky enough, the mishap was not an expensive one. The honeymoon, a time for relaxation, may not go as planned, either. 
That is why many couples get honeymoon insurance. Honeymoons tend to be expensive, as well. This article will familiarize you with the concept of honeymoon insurance. If you are thinking about honeymoon insurance, speak with a professional before making any final decisions. 

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What is honeymoon insurance? 

  • Honeymoon insurance is insurance that is taken out to cover the costs of any financial mishaps during the honeymoon. It may also refer to medical insurance for honeymoon travelers. If you go to a foreign country, a doctor or hospital may not necessarily take your medical insurance. Speak with an insurance representative to see if you are covered. 
  • It is a one-time insurance. The insurance will only cover you for the honeymoon and the travel. 

Why would I need one?

  • If you are planning on honeymooning in a foreign country, you should especially consider honeymoon insurance. To get to your foreign destination, you will likely be on a plane. Planes come with delays and baggage losses. Insurance can cover the cost of any baggage losses and any losses due to travel delays. 
  • Honeymoon destinations tend to be very expensive, non-refundable, and paid for well in advance of the actual wedding. If something happens, the only way that you are getting your money back is through insurance.  
  • Generally speaking, if you plan an expensive honeymoon, it might be a good idea to have insurance for it. The more money you spend, the higher the loss could be. 

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  • Money is definitely something to consider when deciding whether to get insurance for your honeymoon. Couples or their families just spent all this money on a wedding and now they have to make the choice on more expenses. Consider your options wisely. 
  • Buying honeymoon insurance from the destination that you are going to can lead you into a potential trap. It is recommended that you purchase honeymoon insurance from an independent travel or insurance agency. 


  • If your honeymoon is interrupted by natural events or external turmoil, honeymoon insurance can cover the cost of losses in those instances.
  • Sometimes companies go bankrupt. If you spent non-refundable money at a business that is no longer in existence, honeymoon insurance will help. 
  • Things happen beyond our control. With honeymoon insurance, you have that guarantee that you will not lose money. 

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The bottom line is that honeymoon insurance is a good investment if you have the money for it, or if you are travelling to a foreign country for our honeymoon destination. Do your own research or speak with a representative to learn more.