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Honeymoons are the once-in-a-lifetime chance for a newlywed couple to explore a beautiful location together and finally relax after months of intense wedding preparation. With a very intense planning schedule and all that hard work that goes into getting married, it’s no wonder that people are more than eager to rush off for a couple weeks to destress and enjoy the company of who they finally decided to spend the rest of their lives with. But not every couple views “sitting on the beach and doing nothing” as de-stressing. Some couples are more adventurous and want to actually explore and discover new things on their honeymoon. While we can't say for sure which option leads to better marriages, we do think there are plenty of benefits that come with taking a road trip as your honeymoon. Read on to see what we mean. 

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1. You’ll learn how to work and plan together

While most honeymoon destinations try to make your experience as carefree as possible, it also creates the illusion that marriage will be like a vacation. Maintaining a relationship requires commitment and work, much like a road trip. You need to have your route planned, and make sure that you’re driving the right vehicle for the trip.

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2. You’ll get to see the reality of living together

The idea behind it is this: While the planning, driving, and finding places to sleep are not always a breeze, using teamwork to get it done is a better reward than laying next to a pool for 10 days. Of course, this type of vacation isn’t for everyone, but for a couple who enjoys staying active, even during their recreational time, a road trip provides the perfect blend of hard work and downtime that parallels the reality of living with another person for the rest of your life.  

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3. You’ll lean how to cope together in non-romantic places and situations

Perhaps the most rewarding part of a road trip honeymoon experience is that you likely will be driving through some incredibly non-romantic places. This is a great way to see that you don’t need tablecloth dinners and a white sandy beach to be in love. Simply having the company of your spouse and a good playlist should be enough.

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4. You’ll get to meet new people together

Additionally, you’re bound to come across interesting places and people as you travel, who will likely teach you more about life than anyone at a resort can do. Meeting people together from all walks of life allows you both to learn and grow together as a couple.

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After 25 years of marriage, what will you want to remember when looking back on your honeymoon? It’s easy to forget the time you went to the beach, then to dinner, then to bed for two weeks on end. But you will never forget the time that you and your loved one hit the road and encountered something new and unexpected everyday. Because that most likely will also be the case for your lives together, even after you return from the honeymoon.