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After all the wedding planning that takes place in making your big day absolutely perfect, bride-to-be’s often forget to plan for their honeymoon! Sure, you’ll probably book your honeymoon location but will you be able to find, shop for and pack the best honeymoon accessories? We talked to Taiwan’s Mariangel Chacin, Cofounder of Beamar Swimwear, to find out why Beamar Bikini’s are a honeymoon must-have.

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Asia Wedding Network: So Mariangel, can you introduce to us the team behind Beamar Swimwear and what makes your gorgeous bikinis so unique? 

Mariangel: Sure! Beamar Swimwear is a brand created by Beatriz Ayala and myself, Mariangel Chacin. In Venezuela, where I’m from, the bathing suit market was not very big. The brands that sold bathing suits were either too expensive, which was most of the case, or not to our liking. So we decided, after graduating with fashion design majors, to make an affordable, full of life bikini! The bathing suits are 100% Venezuelan designs made by ourselves with our own hands. That’s the first thing that sets us apart. Each bathing suit is a total original and you will not find anyone else wearing your bathing suit. Every bikini has lots of bright and full of life colors, reversibles and affordable! What people like most is that each design is different. It’s also a bathing suit that people can wear to a fancy occasion as well as to a regular day on the beach. Our bikinis are very glamorous bathing suits that feel just right to wear! 

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Asia Wedding Network: Wow so every bikini is handmade! Where do you source the material?

Mariangel: Once or twice a year we travel to New York or Miami in search of the perfect lycra, something that’s light and very durable. We know that the best way to keep our customers happy is by making something of high quality. We also use different kinds of garments that give the bathing suit that special unique touch!

Asia Wedding Network: Yes, quality is definitely something that is very important, especially in this part of the world! So now that you live in Asia, what is your plan for expanding Beamar here? 

Mariangel: The situation in Venezuela forced me to move out of my home and beautiful country. In Asia, I think that the bathing suits we find, in my opinion, have no life. They are mass produced and everyone ends up having the same bathing suit! I want to bring something new, something fresh with life. Women in Asia are very beautiful, and I want to bring out their beauty through our bathing suits. Our goal is to have the bathing suit complement their natural beauty with colorful designs that attract the eye of everybody watching. I want Asian women to feel sexy with a bathing suit on!

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Asia Wedding Network: That’s very true- women should feel sexy especially during their honeymoon! So why do you think Beamar bikinis are especially perfect for honeymoons?

Mariangel: Honeymoons are usually the time to be intimate and sexy with your husband. Beamar bikinis are bathing suits that are going to make you feel sexy- and what better way to get that amazed look from your husband when showing him how sexy you look with your Beamar on!

Asia Wedding Network: Very true, you definitely want to WOW your new hubby! So we hear you are engaged- congrats girl! Besides bringing your Beamar bikini to your honeymoon of course, what wedding details have you figured out so far?

Mariangel: Thank you! Well it has been really difficult with how things are now in Venezuela. It is really hard to find everything we want and need for our wedding, but little by little we are shaping it into what we want. We still have one year left since the wedding is in July of next year but by that time, I expect to have everything ready! We are going to have two weddings, one here in Taiwan and the other one in Venezuela and we would love for you to help us plan our beautiful day here in Taiwan!