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Wedding veils are an essential accessory for any bride. They come in all shapes and styles, and can elevate your bridal look from something average to something classy and elegant. No matter what aesthetic you are going for on your big day, you can find a veil that fits your taste! Here are 7 of the most popular types of wedding veils that you can choose from for your big day. 

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1. Flyaway Veil

Flyaway veils are for the classic and understated bride. They are typically made from very thin material and sit right in the middle of your head, with the fabric falling back towards the shoulders. The veil is typically layered to add extra dimension. This type of veil looks great with a simple silhouette like a sheath dress, or even a tea-length dress. 

flyaway veil ariel jennifer taub

2. Birdcage Veil 

Birdcage veils consist of a small piece of intricate netting that covers part or all of the face. They add a retro or vintage touch to any bridal look. There are many different ways to style them – some choose to have them cover just one eye for a chic, sassy look, while others have them cover the entire face for a more mysterious look. They look great with low buns or other updos, and perfectly compliment retro-styled dresses, especially flirty styles with ruffles or lace. 

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3. Fingertip Veil

Fingertip veils attach at the back of the head and float all the way down the back to the end of the arms, hence the name. These veils have a simple and streamlined look that is extremely elegant and creates a flattering silhouette. These veils pair especially well with a headband or other hair accessory that sits on top of the head.

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4. Elbow Veil

The elbow veil looks similar to the fingertip veil, but it only comes down to the elbow. It is great for brides that still want that chic look of a fingertip veil, but are planning a more casual or laid-back wedding. 

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5. Blusher Veil

A blusher veil is a thin piece of fabric that is attached at the crown of the head and encircles the entire head, covering the face. Blusher veils can come in many different lengths, from just covering the eyes to reaching all the way down the chest. This type of veils is very classic and is often used in traditional, religious ceremonies, but it is also very versatile and works well with many different dresses!

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6. Mantilla Veil

Mantilla veils originated in Spain and were most commonly worn for Roman Catholic weddings, although they are now quite popular for any type of wedding. These veils are made of intricate lace or silk, and are long veils that drape over the head and shoulders. They are held in place at the top of the head by a comb. They are a beautiful veil choice for an elegant church wedding and pair well with dresses with long, full silhouettes. 

mantilla veil ariel jennifer taub blossom brook

7. Cathedral Veil

Cathedral veils are like chapel veils but longer- up to 305 cm long! These types of veils reach from the head all the way down to the floor, and are commonly used in very traditional weddings. They go well with beautiful updos and are the perfect compliment to a full ball gown.  

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All photos are from Ariel Jennifer Taub