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Graff just launched their new #FallInLoveWithGRAFF bridal campaign and we’re obsessed! It again features their 7 exclusive engagement ring settings, each inspired by legendary diamonds passed through the House and Mr. Laurence Graff OBE’s passion for diamonds. Every 7 of the distinctive engagement setting embodies GRAFF’s signature stone-led craftsmanship that allows every ring to cradle a diamond’s unique silhouette. With maximum amount of light to reflect and amplify its natural brilliance, it takes many years for GRAFF’s craftsmen to hone their ability to enhance and complement the innate beauty of a stone the GRAFF way. Ready to see which engagement ring setting is your favorite? Scroll below!

1. Laurence Graff Signature

GRAFF Diamond - Laurence Graff Signature


2. Promise Setting

GRAFF Diamond - Promise Setting


3. Flame Setting

GRAFF Diamond - Flame Setting


4. Icon Setting

GRAFF Diamond - Icon Setting


5. Constellation Setting

GRAFF Diamond - Constellation Setting


6. Paragon Setting

GRAFF Diamond - Paragon Setting


7. Legacy Setting

GRAFF Diamond - Legacy Setting