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If you’re looking for a wedding dress that will make an elegant yet still dramatic appearance, you seriously have to check out Audella Bridal in Hong Kong. Opened in 2013 and conveniently located on Hong Kong’s famous Hollywood Road, Audella Bridal has been known to be the first to discover and carry the “it” wedding dress brands of the world! Besides carrying beautiful bridal brands such as BERTA and Inbal Dror, what we love about Audella Bridal is that they also (surprisingly) allow brides to try on the first 3 gowns free of charge! Having dressed famous celebrities such has Galie Lok and Janice Man (and even our founder, Michelle Yuan!), this is one wedding dress store you just have to visit for your big day. Scroll down to read our interview with Audella Bridal and learn more about the boutique before booking your appointment! 

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Asia Wedding Network (AWN): "Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us! First off, as I’m sure our brides are dying to find out, can you let us know exactly what brands you currently carry and what prices your dresses start at?”

Audella Bridal (AB): “Sure! We currently carry Berta, Muse by Berta, Inbal Dror, Pure by Inbal Dror, Antonio Riva, Romona New York, Mark Bumgarner! Our selling prices for the dresses currently start at $24,000 HKD. We also offer veils and other accessories such as earrings!” 

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AWN: “Do you offer rental or purchase-only services?” 

AB: “Our gowns are for purchase only and bride can sell their dresses on the Asia Wedding Network second hand platform!”

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AWN: “And what type of weddings would you say your dresses are most suitable for?” 

AB: “Basically any weddings from a simple cozy weddings to big and luxurious weddings as our brands are diversified in terms of the styles of the gowns!”

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AWN: “Sometimes some of the more ‘in-trend’ brands can be quite revealing, how can you help the bride to solve this issue? Can you add something underneath, sew the v-line, etc?”

AB: “We totally understand that revealing could be an issue for some brides. Audella is a bridge between the designer and the brides and we always discuss with the designer on any options which could help to address the brides’ concerns. Also, we work closely with very experienced seamstresses in Hong Kong which we would make adjustments on the gowns to solve the issue as well.”

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AWN: “Speaking of seamstresses and alterations, how long before their wedding should brides come to try on dresses at your store?” 

AB: “The bride can actually start the gown shopping any time after the proposal and we always recommend to reserve at least 6 to 7 months to order the gown to be less stressful. Also, certain brands have a longer lead time and a rush order charge may apply if the order is placed less than the lead time.” 

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AWN: “Got it, so 6 to 7 months if it’s possible. And how should brides best prepare themselves before their Audella Bridal appointment? Is there anything in particular that they should bring?" 

AB: “Confidence, confidence and confidence! Many brides in Hong Kong are just lacking confidence. A couple of practical tips would be to wear a nude colour panty and try not to have a big breakfast or lunch before going to an appointment as a tiny bit of tummy, although it’s just temporary, will still interfere your judgement!”

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AWN: “Yes, and sometimes confidence can come from bringing supportive friends and family! How many people can the bride bring to their appointment? Can they take photos or videos?" 

AB: “We do not limit the number of people the bride invite to the appointment but we do recommend the bride to bring the one who she trusts the opinion most. We do not allow any photos or videos.”

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AWN: “After the bride receives the dress, if they need tailoring, is this a service you can provide?" 

AB: “The brides can use their own tailor or if they do not have one, we can provide the tailoring service at a charge. If use our tailoring service, we will provide them with a final fitting before the wedding. Our tailor can also provide cleaning service as well for after the wedding!”

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AWN: “Which celebrities or prominent people have worn dresses from your boutique previously?" 

AB: “Many! For pre-wedding or wedding, Galie Lok, Janice Man, Jessie Shum, Tavia Yeung, Phoebe Sin, Michelle Yuan, Eliza Heung, and Leanne Li. For events, Feiping Chang, Nikki Chow, Grace Wong, Natalie Tong, Jessie Shum, Rebecca Zhu.”

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