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As you probably already know, the Asia Wedding Network platform features a section where you can buy or sell wedding dresses, which is especially helpful for used wedding dresses. But should you buy a used wedding dress? You might be hesitant at first to jump the gun and purchase a used wedding dress - but don’t worry, there’s really not much to be concerned about! There are plenty of reasons why you should say “yes” to a second hand bridal gown - here’s a list all of the pros and cons for those who want to better organise their thoughts on how they feel about pre-loved wedding dresses:

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Pro: It’s cheaper than renting

Some brides are turning to rental companies for their wedding gown. You’d be surprised to find that many preowned wedding gowns are actually cheaper than renting designer dresses. If you aren’t interested in buying new at all, at least purchasing a preowned dress will allow you to keep the gown after the big day or not be in a hurry to return it if you’re doing an overseas wedding.

Con: It could be difficult to find certain designers

If you have a dream dress in mind from a certain designer, finding that exact dress can be more difficult. If you’re considering buying a used dress it’s important to be open minded.

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Pro: You can alter the dress how you like

Pro: You can save money in your budget for other things

For those who are following a budget, buying a preowned dress can help you spend money elsewhere. If you’ve found a venue or vendor that is a little more expensive than you’d like, selecting a preowned gown can help you save that money for something else.

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Con: You might have to pay to get it cleaned

Most brides don’t think to get their dress dry cleaned before listing it for sale. If you’re considering purchasing a preowned wedding gown, you’ll want to factor in paying for a dry cleaning service before you begin alterations.

Pro: There’s tons of selection

More brides are deciding to sell their gowns after their wedding. That means there’s lots of selection for planning brides such as yourself! You’ll be able to find a wide range of styles, sizes and prices.

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Pro: There’s a strong chance the dress will be in great condition

Most brides only wear their wedding dress once. There’s a low chance that the dress will come with tears or stains. The gown will still feel like a new dress but without the expensive price tag.

Con: It may be pre-altered

While the dress might fit you in the waist, it could be too short or some alterations may be too personalized. It’s something you should immediately consider when trying on preowned wedding dresses.

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Pro: You’ll be eco-friendly

If you are big on recycling and saving the environment, picking out a preowned wedding dress is putting your cause even further. Purchasing a used wedding dress ensures no materials go to waste.

Pro: There’s a history of love within the dress

Some brides might see bad luck in wearing a used wedding dress. Some see history and a promise of love! You’re wearing a dress that another bride wore on her big day. There’s so much positive symbolism in a wedding dress - and who knows, you may even be able to pass it on to another bride! Rock that history of love!