• view count-Silk Organza & Hand-Beaded Embellishments in Anna Campbell’s Wanderlust Collection 13.6K

Named ‘Wanderlust,’ the newest Anna Campbell collection features exclusive embroidered fabrics, floating silks, custom-designed laces, sexy new silhouettes and mesmerising hand-beaded embellishments. Collection highlights include jaw-dropping open backs with shimmering details and unique hand-drawn embellishments, some of which is made from raw cut ribbon and silk organza along with sparkling glass beads and ivory pearlescent shimmer. The dresses in the Wanderlust collection are created from a tulle fabrics, sparkling pearls, draped sleeves, and hand-sewn sequins. “This collection was all about staying true to the incredible embellishments and unique lace adornments that have become iconic to Anna Campbell, but reinvigorating these details for a modern bride,” explains Anna Campbell. As with all Anna Campbell collections, each dress is individually hand cut and sewn in Melbourne, Australia.