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Flower girls in their adorable gowns bring a sense of joy and sweetness to your wedding, something all your wedding guests will really appreciate! Whether they’re toddlers, smaller children, or any other age, flower girls will always make your guests smile when they enter the aisle, making them a necessity to any wedding. However, some flower girl dresses can be hard to find - and some can be quite expensive. Luckily, we’ve picked out our favorite dresses for any wedding theme, all under $50 USD! Take a look below and see which one best fits your wedding theme: 

1. Embroidered Flower Neck Elegant Flower Girl Dress

Perfect for: Classic Ballroom Banquet Wedding

Your little flower girls will look like Cinderella with this ankle-length tulle dress in A-line cut embellished with bow rhinestone belt in front. The O-neckline is adorned with embroidered applique down to the front and back bodice. It’s perfect for a ballroom banquet wedding or any wedding theme that bodes a classic, regal theme.

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2. Summer Mesh Flower Girl Dress with Floral Appliqués

Perfect for: Summer Garden Wedding

This laid-back style sleeveless summer mesh tutu dress is perfect for a summer wedding in the gardens. The floral appliqués add beauty to the knee-length hemline and waist, perfect for a wedding that takes place among lots of florals.

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3. Princess Flower Girl Dress With Sequins & Bow Knot

Perfect for: Black Tie Wedding

Toddlers will look super cute when wearing this knee-length sleeveless O-neckline gown, embellished with a sequined bow at the back and laced flower on the bodice. It has a solid pattern in lace, viscose, and polyester. The dress is not only perfect for a black tie wedding, but can be reused as a princess or fairy costume come Halloween!

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4. Champagne Rose Luxe Flower Girl Dress

Perfect for: Luxurious Beach Wedding

This mini party dress is just the cutest for a luxurious beach wedding. With spaghetti straps in a solid pattern and made of cotton and polyester, this flower girl dress puffs out in the most adorable way. The ruffled hem line gives the dress structure, creating a ‘princess-like’ feel to the whole look.

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5. Sleeveless Organza Floor-Length Flower Girl Dress

Perfect for: Regal Ballroom Wedding

Any flower girl who wears this sleeveless A-line organza dress will look immaculate. The dress is floor length dress with an O shaped neckline that gives off a very regal vibe. This flower girl dress comes in many different colors, matching any type of wedding color palette theme.

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6. Flower Girls Dress Summer Style

Perfect for: Informal, Laid-Back Summer Wedding

Looking for a flower girl dress that’s not too fancy yet still very appropriate for a wedding? Flower girls of varying age can wear this sleeveless knee-length A-line dress that’s perfect for any type of laid-back wedding. It comes in pink, yellow and purple, and it’s floral pattern is in mesh and cotton fabrics.

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7. Elegant Flower Girl Dresses With Delicate Lace Appliqués

Perfect for: Classic, Formal Wedding

This elegant flower girl dress is made with delicate lace appliqués and features a classic O shaped neckline neckline that is surrounded with a classic pearl design. It is perfect fo a ballroom wedding with a more serious classic or formal theme.

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8. Tutu Flower Girl Dress with Colorful Tulle

Perfect for: Bohemian Wedding

A Bohemian-themed wedding is a good fit for this knee-length laced tutu gown. The tiered dress with three-quartered sleeves and laced bodice is made of high quality viscose, cotton and polyester. Whether a garden, summer, or springtime wedding, this flower dress is absolutely perfect for a bohemian wedding theme!

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9. Lantern Sleeve Flower Girl Dress with Embroidered Lace Designs

Perfect for: Breezy Evening Sunset Wedding

Because of the natural flows of this flower girl dress, this outfit can be perfect for something like a breezy evening sunset wedding or a more regal theme at a banquet ballroom wedding. The lantern sleeved knee-length ball gown match perfectly with the embroidered lace designs, while the O-neck, waist and the middle of the sleeves and cuffs are also carefully embellished with lace.

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10. Princess Lace Flower Girl Dress With Previous Floral Pearl Designs

Perfect for: Garden or Springtime Wedding

Your little flower girls look super cute in a garden wedding with this knee-length flower girl dresses that feature floral pearl designs. Made with polyester, mesh, lace and cotton, these little outfits feature corded lace and is accentuated with three rose appliqués that feature pearl centers.

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11. Sleeveless Princess Poofy Lace Layered Flower Girl Dresses

Perfect for: Outdoor Wedding with Lots of Greenery

This knee-length square collared sleeveless lace flower girl dress is fit for a casual, outdoor wedding with lots of greenery. The white will stand out nicely among all the dark green colors and the 3 layers will add a nice rustic effect. The flower girl dress is adorned with a bow below the strap and is made of polyester and chiffon.

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12. Vintage Design Flower Girl Dress with Soft Tutu & Lace Bow Knot

Perfect for: Vintage, Intimate Wedding

This flower girl dress is perfect for a vintage wedding that pushes for a more intimate feel. The beautiful lace decorated sleeveless dress is knee-length and features an adorable bow knot at the back. An outdoor wedding is fit to this flower girl outfit.

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13. White Satin Flower Girl Dress Dress Tutu Dress

Perfect for: Formal, Black-tie Ballroom Wedding

A big sash with flower décor in front waist and bow at the back makes this tutu flower girl dress a perfect match for a classic ballroom wedding. Have your flower girls wear different colors to create a rainbow effect or have them all match with your color theme!

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