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Looking your best for your wedding day can seriously take up a lot of your time. From the beauty treatments to the waxing appointments to the laser facials, each treatment can take up to a few hours at least - but many of us are busy wedding planning, or working plus wedding planning, or taking care of kids (and husband) plus wedding planning! So where can we find the time for quick and effective bridal beauty treatments? The 10 minute beauty treatment, launched by New Beauty Express in Hong Kong, promises to rejuvenate your skin in just 601 seconds, or 10 minutes, giving you more time to do more wedding planning. Read on to learn more about these beauty treatments, and don’t forget to add it into your planning checklist!

Asia Wedding Network (AWN): “Kurt, thank you so much for taking the time to share more information your 10 minute beauty treatments. I’m sure this is a serious life-save for so many busy brides who don’t have time to get lengthy treatments! First off, I’d like to ask you to explain what New Beauty Express (NBE) is?”

Kurt from New Beauty Express (NBE):New Beauty Express is a one-stop beauty store. Our belief is to control the cost and spend smart, so that our customers can benefit from the reasonable cost of the treatments and products offered. We advocate high-quality, professional, beauty experiences at affordable prices. We invest and upgrade the medical beauty equipment and provide staff training, allowing customers to enjoy only the best.”


AWN: “It’s such a great idea for those of us who are too busy to really take care of ourselves properly. How did you come up with the concept?”

Kurt from NBE: “This concept is from Hollywood, USA. Not many people can take 1 to 2 hours for a basic facial in US as well as places like Hong Kong.”

New Beauty Express

AWN:But is 601 seconds enough time for beauty treatments? Why do you think so?”  

Kurt from NBE: "601 second (10 mins) is way enough, because we focus on the treatment only, we are not putting mask on customers it is because they can enjoy it at home, we are here to help them save time for other stuffs.”


AWN: “So why exactly 601 seconds?” 

Kurt from NBE:We will provide a cleansing cloth to all our customer and they can clean their face before the treatment start, our therapist will do the double cleansing for them. The treatment takes around 8 mins, after that we will help her to select a suitable serum and apply it, so total will be 10 minutes, I will say less than 15 minutes.”


AWN:What services can be done in 601 seconds? What services do you recommend brides definitely have to get done for their wedding? What beauty problems do these services solve?”  

Kurt from NBE:We have two different treatment that customer can choose which are laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation care treatment. Every girl should do hair removal, we think, and skin rejuvenation care can help them improve a lot of their skin and easier for applying makeup on her big day."

New Beauty Express

AWN: “Can you explain what ‘skin rejuvenation’ care is?”

Kurt from NBE:Removing old cutin, promote skin metabolism, make the skin smooth, will also suggest the most suitable formula to make water into the guests skin cell membrane, keep your moisture from the inside to the outside. Our revolutionary treatment administers the perfect dose of silk peel to deep clean skin every time, dramatically improving it over time. The treatment is so easy–skin looks refreshed from the moment you walk out the door, you will wake up every day with a healthy shiny skin.”


AWN: “Yes, looking refreshed is definitely important for any bride! You mention rejuvenation plus hair removal, can you explain more?”

Kurt from NBE:It’s fast, affordable and incredibly effective. The patented smart skin monitoring system can monitor skin changes and increase the safety. The unique cooling system maintains the temperature of the skin, so two functions in the same time: Rejuvenation + hair removal.”


AWN: “And how often do you recommend brides to get this 601 seconds beauty treatment?” 

Kurt from NBE: “Once a week or even twice a week is fine!”

AWN: “That’s still only 10 or 20 minutes per week, how convenient! So how can brides best prepare themselves before getting a treatment and NBE? Do they need to come with no makeup?”  

Kurt from NBE:We suggest customer can come once a week, so all brides can have a brightest, healthiest skin before their big day, no need to choose a whole day for facial, it wastes time!  You can come with make up for sure, but you need to remove it with our cleansing cloth before the treatment.”


AWN: “And before the wedding, how many days or months before should brides start this beauty treatment at NBE?”  

Kurt from NBE:If they choose to come once a week, we will recommend her start this treatment 4 weeks before her big day.”


AWN: “Yes, the earlier the better of course! So where are your stores located?”   

Kurt from NBE:We only have one store now which is in Kolour Tsuen Wan I, 68 Chung On Street. We are planning to have 5 more locations in Hong Kong!”

New Beauty Express

New Beauty Express Price List

1 Time Treatment = 480 HKD

5 Times Treatment (Valid for 6 Months) = 2,200 HKD (Saves 200 HKD)

10 Times Treatment (Valid for 6 Months) = 4,200 HKD (Saves 600 HKD)

20 Times Treatment (Valid for 1 Year) = 7,800 HKD (Saves 1800 HKD)

30 Times Treatment (Valid for 1 Year) = 11,300 HKD (Saves 3100 HKD, Can be Shared Among 1 Friend)

50 Times Treatment (Valid of 1 Year) = 17,300 HKD (Saves 6,700 HKD, Can be Shared Among 1 Friend)