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There’s plenty of small details you need to follow as you plan an outdoor wedding. One of the most important tasks on your checklist is creating a skincare routine. You can’t just wake up on the day of your wedding with flawless skin and with tons of activities and picture taking, expect not to be shiny through your wedding! There’s tons of useful methods and great products available that will help you prevent shiny and oily skin on your wedding day. We’ve come up with a list of our favorites for a super effective pre-wedding skincare routine.

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1. Meet with a dermatologist or esthetician 

This is the first step you need to take towards your daily skin regimen. Meeting with a professional is especially important if you have sensitive skin or a skin condition. They will be able to point you towards certain products that is best for you. Once you get a good routine going, you’ll be able to prevent oily skin.

2. Pick up a great "shield-like" night cream

It’s always important to wear a day cream with SPF. But it’s also important to use a night cream before getting into bed. This 'Do Not Age' night cream from Dr. Brandt is free of parabens and is perfect for all skin types. Night cream, like any moisturizer, works as a shield to protect your face from harmful pollution and keep your skin from pumping out oil.

3. Don’t forget about your lips

There’s plenty of products for your skin but you can’t forget about your lips! You’ll want them perfectly kissable for your big day. This Caudalie 'French Kiss' tinted lip balm not only moisturizes but is tinted, giving you a bit of pink. Your lips won’t get oily on your big day but you don’t want to neglect them, either.

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4. Add eye cream to your routine

This eye cream from Eve Lom is perfect for all skin types and helps rid of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Eye cream works just like a moisturizer and keeps your oil production balanced. If you have dry skin, your body will pump out extra oil to compensate. Moisturize to keep your skin balanced and perfect.

5. Use serums, the base of all skin routines

You can’t start a skincare routine without a phenomenal serum. La Mer is internationally known for its luxury and effectiveness. This serum is perfect for all skin types and for men and women. Serums can help regulate your body’s oil production, so use a serum to help keep your skin balanced and prevent a slick face. Serums work under a moisturizer, and this 'The Concentrate' serum from La Mer should definitely do the trick. 

6. You need a good cleanser - or even better, cleansing foam

It’s important to cleanse your skin each morning and evening. This rose foam cleanser from Fresh foams up before applying and features nourishing rose water. Most cleansers leave your skin feeling balanced and fresh, keeping your body from making more oil to distribute on your face.

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7. Eat a healthy diet

Planning a wedding is stressful, but it’s important to not turn to sweets and junk food to cope! Unhealthy food can lead to breakouts and rashes. Avoid the sugar and eat plenty of leafy greens and fruits to keep your skin clear. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. An unhealthy diet can dilate your blood vessels and make you sweat. This means you can sweat from your face and cause breakouts.

8. Add a weekly mask to your routine

Masks can rejuvenate your skin in between visits to your estheticians. This lifting and firming mask from La Mer is great for all skin types and is used as an anti-aging treatment.  Any mask with clay or salicylic acid will decrease oil production in the face, helping to prevent an oily sheen on your face.

9. Take off your makeup each night

It’s so important to not sleep in your makeup each night. This micellar cleansing water from Lancome will get rid of all makeup residue while leaving your skin refreshed and ready for bed. Don’t forget your night cream! Using a lot of makeup can leave you with clogged pores which will produce more oil. Take care of your skin and you won’t need to use a lot of makeup. It will all help you avoid an oily face.

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10. Fight pimples and zits with cleansing pads

If you suffer from breakouts, you’ll need a great clarifying pad. This raspberry clarifying pad from Arcona features raspberries and works to rid your skin of excess oil and blemishes. It features salicylic acid, which dries out the oil inside your pores and prevents an oily face.

11. Schedule regular facials

You’ll need to schedule regular facials with an esthetician at least once a month. Professionals will massage and stimulate blood flow in your face and scalp to help freshen your face. This will also clean out your pores and help regulate the oil production in your face. This will help you avoid a slick, oily face. Especially in humid weather.

12. Peel off the dirt and grime

This enzyme peel from Amorepacific will fix any issue you have with your skin! It will clear up unevenness, oily skin, blackheads and dark spots. It’s perfect for any age or skin type. Doing a peel once a week can help regulate the oil in your face and prevent a shiny face.

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13. Moisturize and brighten - day and night

This all in one Dior multi-perfection creme moisturizer can be used in the morning and evening. It’s perfect for normal and combination skin and also has SPF in it. It has hyaluronic acid and will brighten your skin. A healthy dose of moisturizer will help keep your face bright and prevent the growth of oil.

14. Consider a skincare collection for ultimate effectiveness

You can also pick up a skincare collection, such as this one from Lancer's 'The Method Collection.' It’s perfect for all skin types and comes with an exfoliator, skin and eye creams and more. All of these products work together to prevent added oil production in your face.

15. Create a daily regimen - and stick to it! 

You’ve got the tools and advice you need to follow the perfect daily regimen. All of the products and advice above will help you prevent a shiny, slick, oily face on your wedding day, no matter what the temperature is, just be disciplined about it. After all, now it’s time to take the steps needed to get glowing, perfect skin for your big day!