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Marble is the new black, they say - it's fun, stylish, and it adds a little something extra to a bridesmaid's bridal attire while still matching the rest of the bridal party. You have your bridesmaid dress, hair, and accessories ready but when it comes to the bridesmaid clutch, that's one detail that is often overlooked. The last thing you'll want to do is carry an ordinary bag that will ruin your bridesmaid style. Here's 6 bridesmaid bridal clutches that are perfect for your chic wedding wardrobe:

1. Fiona Faceted Clutch by Edie Parker

This multifaceted Edie Parker hardshell clutch brings a polished and classy flair to any bridesmaids outfit. The hand-poured acrylic brings swirling color to the clutch while not being over the top at all.

Marble Bridal Clutch Jean Fiona Faceted Clutch by Edie Parker

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2. Imitation Pearl Clutch by ashlyn’d

The elegant ashlyn’d clutch is a fun and different approach to evening bags. Accented with imitation pearls on top and glitter inlays surrounding the marble panels, this marble bridal clutch goes perfectly with a simple monochrome bridesmaid dress.

Marble Bridal Clutch Imitation Pearl Clutchby Edie Parker

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3. Jean Striped Clutch by Edie Parker

The marbleized and inlaid stripes add a touch of shimmer to this stunning petite Edie Parker clutch. The gold kiss-lock clasp along with the nude and ivory color of the clutch, bring elegance and serenity to any bridesmaids outfit.

Marble Bridal Clutch Jean Striped Clutch by Edie Parker 2

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4. Pandora Clutch by Charlotte Olympia
The imitation pearl spider charm that accents the magnetic top adds a daring personality to the neutral and chic hardshell clutch. This bridesmaid clutch can match perfectly with any bridesmaid dress color.

Marble Bridal Clutch Charlotte Olympia

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5. Flavia Luau Clutch by Edie Parker
Want to show your fun-loving bridesmaids personality with a unique touch? This Edie Parker clutch with a swirling finish has adorable hula dancers graphics on in the front. You can wear the marble trend without being one-and-the-same with everyone else. This bridesmaid clutch is especially perfect for the fun, destination beach wedding!

Marble Bridal Clutch Jean Flavia Luau Clutchby Edie Parker

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6. Dysdera Mother of Pearl Box Clutch by Nathalie Trad
The intricate black lines crisscrossing the top of the clutch form a cool and unique design for the more style-conscious bridesmaid. If you’re looking to add an edge to your bridesmaid attire and let your personality shine through, this Nathalie Trad clutch is made for you.

Marble Bridal Clutch Nathalie Trad

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