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Every couple deserves to have a unique wedding that is special to them and them only. However, it's important to follow a few trends so you know what couples all over the world are doing for their wedding. From here, you'll be able to pick and choose what you want to implement in your own wedding! Hong Kong wedding planner, Vicky C. specializes in helping couples come up with a wedding theme that is special and perfect to them. Today, she shares with Asia Wedding Network some of her top wedding trend predictions for 2015! 

1. Add exciting colours to your once in a lifetime event! 

Metallic shades are all the trend this season. Glittery elements, when compared to sweet girly colors, give a fresh new feeling and bring out an exciting atmosphere during your wedding. However, Vicky exclusively tells us that if you think that glitter is too much for a wedding, you can use it as a "sub-colour" match with the "main colour,” which can be an understated shade. This means that you can use glitter as a "highlight" colour in your wedding: For example, a glitter bow tie for groomsmen, glitter bridal shoes for the bride, etc.

sparkle glitter metallic wedding theme color

photo credit: bunchesdirect.org

2. Ditch the ordinary guestbook, make yours unique

Guestbooks usually bring a mixture of love and hate to newlyweds. Traditional guest books are usually a book or a piece of fabric, which are seemingly dispensable but equally essential on the reception table. We’re now beginning to see 3D guest books at Western weddings, such as poster framers with sweet sentences or 3D initials of the just-wed couple. Guests can directly sign on the 3D "guest book," making it a special ornament. 

unique wedding guestbook globe

photo credit: planaweddingnow.com

3. Get tech savvy with your wedding photography 

At weddings, there are usually two photographers responsible for capturing those special moments and taking beautiful pictures of new couple during the wedding. Other behind the scene moments, like cute selfies or silly poses, may not be captured. With everyone having smartphones now, apps like the Wedding Party App is becoming a big thing in the west. By downloading the app and joining the group set by the bride and groom, guests can upload all the behind the scene pictures taken during the wedding. Vicky says that a lot of her clients have tried the app in the past two years and have absolutely loved it. Not only were there so many memories saved but it was a wonderful present for the newlyweds at the end! 

wedding party photo app asia

photo credit: wikimedia.org

4. Pass on your bliss to those in need 

Sometimes it’s more blissful to give than to receive. Have you ever thought that your wedding can pass on love and blessings? Recently, many charities have designed wedding souvenir projects. The new couple donates their budget for wedding souvenir expenses in exchange for certificates or thank you cards for the guests prepared by the charities. Some organizations even develop customized thank you cards, which are placed on the seats of each guest during the day of the wedding. Vicky says that she’ done this for a lot of her clients in the past and all of them felt so happy to transfer the blessings to those in need. It made everyone’s day more meaningful and sweet!

charity wedding favor

photo credit: lounsburyweddings.com

Brides-to-be who still haven’t come up with a wedding theme concept or are still stressing over the details of their wedding, feel free to take a look at www.thethemewedding.com or directly call Vicky C. at (+852) 3480 1288.

Her clients have included:

  • Daughter of former Head of HSBC AP Region Mr Cheng 
  • Son of former Secretary for Economic Development and Labour Mr Ip 
  • Son of former Permanent Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Mr Ho
  • Third generation of Hip Shing Hong family 
  • Son of World Outstanding Chinese Award and Shing Fat Group CEO Mr Ma