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As a fun Chinese wedding tradition, groom gate crashing or door blocking games are a series of small games initiated by the bride and her bridesmaid as a test to see and train up if the groom is worthy for the bride! Fun and lighthearted in nature, it puts any wedding in a great mood just before the emotional Chinese traditional wedding tea ceremony. But not every door game is created equal. If you’re one to care for nice photos and lasting memories, have your groom choose a kua that looks good in photos, and give your bridesmaids this list of gate crashing games that funny yet still perfect for fun photos.

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1. Mime the photos!

Choose fun photos from a yoga magazine or find them online - and have the groomsmen copy the photos exactly with their bodies. These make for hilarious photographs that you can laugh at years down the road.

2. Test your spicy tolerance

The definition of “spicy” is different for everyone. What you think is “Spicy” probably might not be the same to someone else, so if your bride and her bridesmaids have a fondness for a little bit of spice, get ready for a challenge. The best photos are when everyone is around a spicy plate of noodles, ready to take a bite, and when they’ve taken a bite! The face they make will be priceless!

3. How in shape are you?

Let the bridesmaids create a series of physical challenges, such as push ups, high knees, mountain climbers, squats, jumping jacks, and more! As the groom and his groomsmen get more and more tired, that’s where the best photos are taken.

4. Guess my lips!

Fun and challenging, a piece of paper would be passed around for the bride and her bridesmaids to leave a kiss mark on! And the job of our beloved groom and his groomsmen? To guess which one is his new wife’s. Take a snapshot as the girls put a smooch on the paper and also as the groom wonders which one is his wife’s! The colourful lips make for great flat lay photos!

5. Can you remember our dating timeline?

Have the bridesmaids create a board full of photos of the memories between the bride and groom. Mix them up and have the groom and his groomsmen put them in the order in which they occurred. These make for great photos as you can also relive these past memories.

6. A promise list to your future wife

For the lighthearted and sweet, he groom must make a list of things he’d promise his new wife before the bridesmaids. Make a memory by take a snip of a photo as the groom lists down his promises. If you want to make it funny, tell the groom to act it out - these would make for fun photos as well. Fun and also touching, these would definitely make for sincere and emotional photos to look back on.

7. A big fat family reunion

If the bride has a big family, this will be a fun one. All your groom has to do is correctly match your family’s names to their faces to see if he does pay attention to all the family gatherings you bring him to! A photo before each relative and the look on their faces to see if your groom got it right or not will make for fun photos to look back on.

8. Can you eat my cooking?

Have the bridesmaids create a not so appealing concoction of anything around them to see if the groom can stomach anything set before him to eat. Documenting every little thing from the kitchen process, to the choosing of the ingredients, to the actual eating. You’re sure to fill up your album with hilarious photos for this one.

9. Do you know every part of me?

The task is simple, cut up a bunch of photos of the bride and her bridesmaids’ facial features. The groom has to get to work and find which one is his wife’s. Scatter those photos around the groom and catch him on film guessing which one is his beloved. The laughter will surely make for some great photos.

10. Serenade me, my love!

This one is for the groom specifically (take a breather groomsman!) which involves singing an old love song. Not only does he have to sing it, but he has to dance to it too, and make it as emotional and exaggerated as possible. Make sure to snap lots of photos when he belts out those high notes!

11. Draw your wife!

Set up a drawing board and a marker for the groom and his groomsmen. Have them spin around 10 times until they are very dizzy, and have them draw the bride. Not only will the drawings make for some hilarious photos, but also the reactions as well!