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So exactly what do you wear to a Chinese wedding tea ceremony? First, let’s quickly break down the meaning of what a Chinese wedding tea ceremony actually is. The Chinese wedding tea ceremony is an extremely important part of the wedding, signifying the couple giving back to their parents and paying them respect and gratitude for everything they have done for their child and for the couple. It’s an extremely emotional and important celebration that comes with lots of tears and touching moments! The tea ceremony also symbolizes the couple being welcomed in each other’s extended families. As they do this, the bride wears a traditional oriental outfit while serving tea to her new relatives. So what does the bride wear during a Chinese wedding tea ceremony? Traditionally, the bride will wear a kua or a qipao, usually depending on the bride’s preference. The difference traditionally lies in where the wedding takes place but nowadays, brides just choose the outfit they like. But for today’s article, we’re going to focus on the long feng gua, or kua, or qun kua. Here’s 5 of our favorite kua or (龍鳳卦 in Chinese) outfits that we love!

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1. Bold yet Simple Wedding Kua with Detailed Gold Embroidery

Bold yet Simple Wedding Kua with Detailed Gold Embroidery



Become a traditional princess with this kua! The ensemble has two parts: the jacket and the floor-length skirt, both in the same shade of red. The jacket features a Chinese-style collar with line designs in gold thread. The jacket itself beautifully fits and has widened sleeves that end below the elbows. The jacket has buttons that open up to the front and the front of the jacket is lined by gold thread. There are line and flower designs covering the jacket’s front, sleeves, and back. The skirt goes down like a ball gown, giving a bold, more grand, appearance.

2. Stylish & Modern Wedding Kua with Gold Jewel Designs

Stylish & Modern Wedding Kua with Gold Jewel Designs



Feel like a queen with this kua! This second kua is also a jacket and skirt combination in the color red (https://weddingshopworld.com/collections/kua-cheongsam-qipao/products/wedding-kua-龍鳳卦-秀禾服-in-traditional-red-gold). The gold thread designs are striking and occupy most of the kua with intricate beads hanging over the sleeves’ edges. The gold designs are like several loops that cover the collar and the upper part of the jacket, with jewel-like designs. The bottom part of the jacket and the sleeves have curved lines and the design draws inspiration from dragons. The jacket is closed in front with Chinese-style buttons and the skirt features three rectangular panels in front and a big panel at the back with two smaller panels on either side. The skirt features similar designs of swirling lines, concentric circles, and intricate hanging bead-like structures as the jacket. If you’re going to have a grander affair, this wedding kua would be perfect!

3. Cute & Traditional Kua with Layered Sleeves

Cute & Traditional Kua with Layered Sleeves



This kua is a top and ankle-length skirt combination in a very classic red color. The top has a shirt collar that shows the neck more. The sleeves go wider as they go down and has three layers on each side, giving more depth to your look. The top itself has two layers and the designs are more colorful, featuring pink, green, blue, and others in addition to the traditional gold. The front of the top has flowers and lines all in a circle. The sleeves and the edges feature flowers, landforms, Chinese characters, waves, and other artistic designs. The skirt is all plain red except for a panel in front, which features flowers and plants in different colors with wavy lines at the bottom edge.

4. Peacock Embroidered Wedding Kua with Tassel Skirt

Peacock Embroidered Wedding Kua with Tassel Skirt



The fourth kua is a top and ankle-length skirt set in red that features a Chinese-style top collar with prominent red Chinese-style buttons at the front of the top. The sleeves are also straight cut and end below the elbows, giving a quarter sleeve look. Intricate designs cover most of the jacket that only a little bit of the red base is seen. The designs feature matching peacocks with their elegant feathers. There are also flowers and elegant oriental plants featured. The back of the top features a big peacock surrounded by several flowers and leaves and over it is a big panel in front with two smaller panels flanking it. They feature the similar peacock design as the top and they have tassels hanging under them. This look is perfect for a very luxurious and intricate wedding!

5. Ivory Cream White

Ivory Cream White


Modern meets tradition with this fusion kua! The fifth kua in our list is a two-piece combination in cream ivory white. The jacket features a Chinese-style collar, Chinese-style buttons, a fitted body and wide sleeves. The body of the jacket has a pair of peacocks on them surrounded by multi-colored flowers and leaves. The sleeves feature larger flowers in gold and green. The skirt base is pleated and is cream ivory white in color. Over it are several panels. The biggest one is the one in front that features a peacock with its iconic feathers. Big flowers adorn the bottom edge of all panels as well as gold tassels. The other parts have flowers and leaves in tendrils.