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As a current bride or groom-to-be planning for your upcoming wedding in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s going to be a tough time, you’re going to have to make unique decisions, but in the end, it’s all going to be okay. While we find ourselves in this unpleasant situation with the coronavirus, also known as COVID 19, affecting weddings all over the world, there’s no need to panic and that’s the last thing we should do. All we need to do is be level headed, take the right actions, and make appropriate decisions. It can be very tricky to make last-minute arrangements especially if your wedding is just around the corner. Whether your wedding is coming up in a couple of weeks or months, we’re here to provide a summary for how we think you can handle your wedding plans:

1. Postpone If You Can

Better to be safe than sorry! Unless you absolutely have to have your wedding on a certain date, there’s no harm in pushing back the wedding to another date due to the coronavirus. Many vendors will understand, as they too will not want to put themselves in harm, and you can work together to find another date that works for everyone. Once you’ve made the decision to postpone your wedding due to the coronavirus, call your wedding planner to help you contact your wedding vendors and venues to check if you can reschedule the wedding date without extra cost. Some vendors will allow it and some may not. It really depends on your contract and how flexible each vendor is.

2. Read the Contracts Carefully for What to Do Next

Read your contracts again and check for the cancellation or postponement policy if you don’t think the coronavirus will disappear by the time your wedding comes around.. It is good to know where you stand and how you should proceed. Most deposits are non-refundable but can be used towards something else. “For some of the weddings that were canceled, we were able to negotiate the deposit to be used towards something else,” says the team from Weddings by AT. “For example, for some photographers, we got them to agree to family or prewedding shoots at a later date because the wedding was taking place too close to the coronavirus. We negotiated with decorators to provide decoration for another event instead. If your planner has good connections, she should be able to work something out for you. However, there are still vendors who are less inflexible, but still it’s their right.”

3. Read Contracts Carefully for Future Bookings

If you haven’t booked all your vendors yet, ask specifically about ‘communicable diseases’, such as for the coronavirus, with every vendor contract, and clarify what their policies are. Some vendors may offer no alternative and some may allow you to move the date at no extra cost. Just make sure you know what the policies are before booking more vendors.

4. Come up with a Plan B with Your Planner

You don’t have to face it alone. Come up with a plan B by reorganizing the event if you want to have a smaller gathering or if you want to change the date because of COVID 19. Planners are meant to solve-last minute emergencies, so don’t be afraid to talk to them about what to do.

5. Don’t Panic - Have Your Planner Rearrange Vendors

The worst thing you can do is panic and start going crazy because you think the coronavirus will ruin your wedding. Chances are your planner is already trying to handle everything for you but to panic only allows you to not think straight, which can lead to worse outcomes.

6. Look into Wedding Insurance

Ask about the special limitations in the policy for coverages. Though most might not have coronavirus insurance coverage, some have room for flexibility. Check in with your wedding insurance company whether what is covered in your situation, how is this defined and what is it limited to.

7. Use this Time to Shop for Wedding Products

Since some wedding products have slower shipping times, especially if they involve customization, you can utilise this time by staying at home away from the coronavirus to prepare your items carefully. You might have expenses loss due to rearrangement of your wedding plan so you can adjust the budget through taking advantage of seasonal sales or special discounts. “At Wedding Shop World, we’re giving away 10% off all products in the store with free shipping to all our customers,” says Laura from Wedding Shop World Customer Care. “We understand it’s a difficult time for couples and we’re happy to help them save some money in order to still make sure their dream wedding can happen.” Use the time you spend at home hiding from the coronavirus to really decide on what items, theme and style would you really like to have on your wedding day.

8. Shop Online for Your Wedding Dress or Other Outfits

Not only are many wedding boutiques having their wedding dresses delayed due to the global coronavirus outbreak, they might be temporarily closing due to many locations being in lockdown. Instead of waiting for them to open up, you can ask them if you can order online or look for wedding dress online that aren’t affected by the coronavirus outbreak. You can even contact customer service just to double check.

9. If You Need to Get Married On This Date, Opt for Smaller Wedding

If you have hundreds of guests on your original wedding plan and you need to get married on this specific date for personal reasons, why not invite only the closest family and witnesses? Invite your parents, your siblings, and only the closest people in your life as witnesses and have a bigger celebration at a later date. Your guests will understand, and you’ll get to celebrate with them later on anyway!

10. Safety first!

No event is worth risking your lives or the lives of your family, friends, and wedding guests. No matter what happens, we urge everyone to put safety as the first priority!

These views are solely from the editorial team at Asia Wedding Network Limited, which has no power over third party vendors or individuals.