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The holidays are just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than holding your wedding just in time for the holidays? It would give everyone more reason to be in a celebratory mood, plus most people also go home for the holidays, so you won’t have to worry about guests missing your big day! To tie up the wedding and holiday celebrations, why not add some holiday cheer to your wedding decor? Here’s 13 holiday wedding candy boxes for your wedding guests that would add the perfect touch for festive wedding decor:

1. Red & Green Festive Hexagonal Wedding Candy Boxes

holiday wedding candy boxes 1



First up are these wedding candy boxes that look like they are for royalty! The boxes are in red which is a lucky color, with elegant flowery designs in gold print - or you can choose green. They are in a hexagonal shape which makes them unique and to top it all off, they have a gold rope as a handle, making it easier for guests to carry.

2. Clear Festive Wedding Candy Boxes

holiday wedding candy boxes 2



Looking for clear candy boxes? Then wedding candy box favors would be the ones for you! They are clear cubes with red or peach ribbons inside for design. They are then topped off with similarly colored ribbons. Simple yet classy!

3. Festive Midnight Blue & Gold Wedding Candy Boxes

holiday wedding candy boxes 3



If you want chic candy boxes that would double as gifts, then check these ones out! They have a navy-blue base with gold print and the words “Specially for you” as the center text. The designs are naval and of stars, matching the base color. Finishing the box would be a big gold ribbon that would awe the guests!

4. Diamond Shaped Candy Boxes with a Pearl Ornament

holiday wedding candy boxes 4



These super festive wedding candy boxes will surely be a hit among guests! Available in four colors, these candy boxes may be small but are uniquely made. The box has a form of a diamond shape with the words “Sweet gift” written in cursive on the front. The boxes also feature a small pearl as a highlight, with a ribbon holding the whole thing together. So cute, do you agree?

5. Red Holiday Season Wedding Candy Boxes with Gold Ribbon & Faux Floral

holiday wedding candy boxes 5



You would really be bringing the holidays in your wedding with wedding candy boxes! All boxes are in red and are squares that you can open like a normal box. The boxes are then wrapped in a cream ribbon with roses and sprigs as highlights. The finished products look like awesome Christmas gifts that are giveaways in disguise!

6. Chic Wedding Candy Bags with Festive Ribbon

holiday wedding candy boxes 6



For a sophisticated chic vibe, get these wedding candy boxes as party favors. These candy boxes are squares in shape and decorated with a red base and Christmas décor plus gold print. A slot is available at the top part for the red ribbon to be inserted. They are like wedding plus holiday gifts in one!

7. Burgundy Red Floral Wedding Candy Box with Mini Ribbon

holiday wedding candy boxes 7



Another unique take on this list is the design for these candy boxes. Instead of the usual square-shaped boxes, these candy boxes are shaped like handbags, making them memorable to your guests! You can pick from a red floral pattern or a gray marble pattern as the design. There is also “Save the date” printed in gold in front. Topping the candy boxes are gold ribbons.

8. Festive Gatsby Style Wedding Candy Boxes

holiday wedding candy boxes 8



Want a specific theme for your wedding? Here are wedding candy boxes that have the Gatsby theme! The boxes are available in red or brown and have multiple golden lines as the design. Even without the Gatsby theme, you can still use these boxes for modern weddings because of its adaptive design! The ribbon is glued on top of the box as an extra accessory.

9. Fully Red Wedding Candy Boxes with Start or Pearl Ornament

holiday wedding candy boxes 9



Being luxurious can also be festive with these wedding candy boxes! The boxes’ overall design exudes a sophisticated air that would reflect positively on you and your significant other. You can choose between red or gold. The box itself is simple but elegant. It is then wrapped with layers of thin ribbons that correspond to the box’s color. A pendant is then attached to take it to the next level!

10. Gold Wedding Candy Boxes with Red Ribbon & Festive Ornament

holiday wedding candy boxes 10



Another chic candy box you would absolutely love are these gold boxes. They have a slight gleam to them that is not showy but is subtly beautiful! The boxes are wrapped in red ribbon and designed with golden sprigs, spheres, and acorns.

11. Red Wedding Candy Boxes with Blue & Red Faux Floral

holiday wedding candy boxes 11



To make your candy boxes a cut above the rest, consider getting these wedding candy boxes. The red boxes are bound by a silver, shiny ribbon and adorned by large red roses, blue roses, and golden sprigs. The design is a win in the creativity department!