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As a bride-to-be, all the focus would naturally be on you on your wedding day. This is why, from the start to the end of the festivities, you need to look your best. All details should be perfect. Your veil, wedding dress, and accessories should look good on you. This would especially apply to your wedding makeup. Your wedding day makeup should highlight your beauty and be long-lasting, whether you plan on going full glam or go the natural route! The wedding makeup artist should also be someone you should jive with and should be able to fully understand your vision for your wedding day makeup. This is why booking a makeup trial super important! However, going unprepared to a wedding makeup trial is like not having a makeup trial at all! Here’s 19 things you need to prep for your bridal makeup trial:

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1. Create a list of potential wedding makeup artists

Rank them and get their contact numbers. Make sure to be organized with this so you won’t have to cram anything when your wedding day is already near.

2. Schedule a trial at least 6 months before your wedding day

This way you can still talk about your deal and do necessary adjustments. With this, you will also have enough time to look for another wedding makeup artist if the first one does not work out. The earlier the makeup trial, the better.

3. Prepare to discuss deals or negotiate

Aside from the makeup trial, also discuss the fees of the wedding makeup artist and the budget you have. Inquire what the inclusions are, because some wedding makeup artists offer packages that may include pre-wedding photoshoots or doing the makeup of bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls on the wedding day itself. Talking about money may be a difficult subject but you have to talk about this at the start so you can find another wedding makeup artist if you do not reach an agreement with the current one.

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4. Send pictures of looks you like to the artist before the wedding makeup trial

Before going to the makeup tutorial, research about the looks you want. Save them to your phone so you could show the wedding makeup artist what you want your wedding looks to be beforehand. Some looks take time to prepare, especially if you need extensions, which you will need to communicate to your bridal wedding makeup artist. You can use these photos to explain what look you are going for to the wedding makeup artist.

5. Prepare photos of looks you don’t like during your bridal makeup trial

Another way is take note of the common makeup looks that you do not like so you can tell the wedding makeup artist to avoid these kinds of looks. This would help the wedding makeup artist narrow down what he or she can do.

6. Show pictures of your wedding dress to your wedding makeup artist

Also, it is better to already have a wedding dress or even a design before getting a makeup trial. This would ensure that the makeup look you want would match the design of your wedding dress. Clashing looks would not look good at all.

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7. Bring your wedding hair accessories to the wedding makeup trial

As you prepare for the makeup trial, bring the hair accessories you plan on using and pictures of the hair you want. Most packages offer combined hair and makeup services, so they can also have a trial for the hair. If it is exclusively for makeup, bringing the accessories would still be useful. This is so the wedding makeup artist can match the makeup to your preferred hairstyle.

8. Bring your own makeup too - for shade matching and allergies

Also, bring your makeup bag with you to the makeup trial. This is so the wedding makeup artist would see your foundation shade or see what brands you prefer on your face. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin and you want the wedding makeup artist to use your own products.

9. Make sure that the wedding makeup trial appointment is long enough

You might have to try on different wedding looks as both you and the wedding makeup artist are exploring the different looks your face may have. You can ask the wedding makeup artist what the suggested time frame is and how many looks your wedding makeup trial includes.

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10. Schedule enough time before and after the appointment

The wedding makeup trial may run longer than expected, so this would prevent you from rushing from one appointment to another.

11. On the day of the wedding makeup trial, go with a clean and bare face

You can do your skincare but do not put any makeup products on. This is so the wedding makeup artist can start with a blank canvas, as they say. You would also be able to see how you would look like on your wedding day.

12. Do a mask the night before or morning of your wedding makeup trial

Doing a make before applying makeup makes it easier for your wedding makeup artist to apply makeup on your face, and it also looks way better! Dry skin and makeup don’t mix so make sure you mask beforehand!

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13. Wash your hair the night before your wedding makeup trial

If you are going to do a wedding hairstyle trial in addition to your wedding makeup trial, remember to wash your hair the night before. Go to a salon if you can to really thoroughly wash it out. It’s easier to do hairstyles with washed hair rather than oily hair - and it looks way better!

14. During the makeup trial, do speak up on what you like and don’t like.

Do not be afraid to say what is on your mind. After all, it is going to be your wedding day look.

15. Take lots of photos during the wedding makeup trial

If possible, also bring a friend with you so you won’t be bored. Remember, you will be sitting on the makeup chair for a long time. Remember to take photos or ask the wedding makeup artist to help you take photos so that you’ll remember what all the wedding styles look like.

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16. Take note of how long the wedding makeup artist does your desired look.

Chances are, this is how long it is going to take on your actual wedding day. This is so you, or your wedding planner, would be able to budget it enough time on the day itself.

17. Try to wear white during the wedding makeup trial

Another thing is to wear white during the makeup trial. That way you can see how your look looks on a white outfit (your wedding dress). For a midnight blue evening dress, try to wear a midnight blue color for that look. Matching the makeup looks with your dresses is super important!

18. Take not of the wear of the wedding makeup

It should be long-lasting because your wedding ceremony is going to be several hours long. Take note of what fades and what changes. If hair is included, take note of that as well. You can then tell the wedding makeup artist about these changes so some parts could be improved.

19. Ask your wedding makeup artist what happens if you cry

Chances are, you’re going to cry at your wedding. Ask your wedding makeup artist what solutions she has for this. Will she be on close standby to do the fix-up immediately afterwards? Will she use airbrush makeup spray? Will she use super water-proof makeup so your mascara doesn’t run down? These are questions you’ll want to have answered!