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Your wedding style is all about wearing what makes you feel like the bride or groom of your dreams. While the spotlight is on the bride most of the time, the groom’s outfit is just as important. Coordinating your outfits is extremely necessary so that your styles don’t look too out of sync - but the same time, you’ll want to surprise each other on the day. So how can couples plan their attire without ruining the surprise? Check out these 4 ways to coordinate your outfits to help you complement each other while showing off your own personal style.

1. Compliment each attire

There are two ways to coordinate your actual wedding outfit without looking overly uniformed. Start with the color of your dress. If you are going for an ivory shade or pure white, the groom can choose a gray or navy suit with a white shade that complements the dress. If the gown is either beige or champagne, a brown suit with a champagne button-down shirt will pair well together – creating a match-made look.

2. Choose outfits that can match well

Choose outfits with common features that complement each other. This could be a similar accessory with patterns, textures, or jewelry. Also, keep in mind that complementary looks can do a lot to differentiate your unique styles while sharing the same story.

3. Match your style to your rings

Couples everywhere are brainstorming ideas on how to make their special day a moment to remember. However, only a few couples think about the special meaning behind the rings. Choosing a unique wedding ring is one way to personalize your love every single day. Whether you go for a platinum ring setting with diamonds or uniquely crafted wedding rings made of wood, choose ring bands that match your couple style and personality.

4. Coordinate with your florals

In a formal tradition, the bride carries a stunning bouquet to match the theme as the groom wears a boutonniere or lapel pin. The best way to coordinate the floral pieces is to choose one of the colors and flower types, and have a boutonniere made from it. The smallest detail is bound to catch attention. You can even go the extra mile and match the groom’s suit or tie color with the florals.

5. Style your groom with appropriate accessories

Accessories provide the perfect opportunity for you and your groom to have fun. As ties and boutonnieres are the most obvious choices, these will be visible in most photographs as well. Your groom may also wear a complementary vest, brace, or waistcoat. They will be used to add not only a perfect touch of color but also a pattern or texture that highlights elements from the wedding theme or gown.

6. Match your style with your groom’s accessories

Another great way to style up with accessories is to match one of your jewelry pieces to his tiepin or cufflinks. For example, going with pearl earrings? Why not get your fiancé matching cuff links with encrusted pearls for the special day.

7. Pay attention to the bride and groom wedding shoes

While guests rarely look at the soles of your shoes, having a personalized inscription is a perfect photo opportunity to create for the Big Day. Consider adding “Mr. and Mrs.” under the soles of your wedding shoes along with your wedding date. While most men’s shoes are black, choose bright shades of gold, silver, rose gold, or even ivory to match the theme. Not only will this be a great moment to match but also look subdued. No one will even notice it until they see your wedding photos.

8. Feel confident and own your bridal look!

At the end of the day, couples should both feel as confident and comfortable as possible on their wedding day. Trust your instincts and don’t worry about following any rules but your own. After all, this celebration is about your personal journey as a couple!