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There comes a time in life when you or one of your friends decides to tie the knot and settle down. Basically, at some point in time, you may find yourself being the selected groomsman for your best friend’s wedding. But what does it actually mean to be a groomsman, especially if you’ve never done it before? Does it mean that you need to carry the ring and give it to the groom during the wedding? Well, that’s just one of the things you may have to do, but there’s a lot more involved if you want to truly be there for your friend. This is why we’ve rounded up a few tips to guide you on how to be the ultimate groomsman on your friend’s special day. 

how to be better groomsman

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1. Be Ready to Work 

Let’s face it, weddings are a lot of work, and they involve plenty of detailed preparations. There’s really no other way around it if you want to make the day perfect. This is why you need to be helpful with everything straight from the get-go. Even if your best mate insists you don’t have to, let him know that you’re happy to do whatever you can to help. For example, offering to pick up visitors from out of town and chauffeur them from one destination to another. You can also pick up your fellow groomsmen’s suits from the tailor or accompany the groom and help him with his tasks. 

2. Prepare a Spectacular Speech 

‘Spectacular’ doesn’t mean that you need to use complex vocabulary. This can make you nervous and give off the impression that you weren’t ready for it in the first place. If you’re asked to give a speech, keep it simple and to the point. The best approach is to be yourself and speak as you normally would. Since this is your best mate’s wedding, you need to show him that you care about him by reflecting and talking about the moments you both shared. The speech does not have to be long, just honest. If you’re most comfortable with coming up with the speech on the spot, that’s great but if not, write your speech in advance and practice until you are confident you have it down pat.

3. Make Yourself Available for the Pre-Wedding Preparations

Weddings will never get any simpler, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid these steps. You need to make sure you’re there even during the pre-wedding prep. Whether it will take place early in the morning or during the late hours of the night, your presence will be highly appreciated by the groom and his bride. After all, you’re like the second in command after the groom which means that you will be there every step of the way to show the couple your full support.

4. Throw a Bachelor Party Worth Remembering 

Think of a bachelor party as a personal gift for your best mate. Throw a surprise bachelor party and invite a few close friends to make it complete. Since he’s your best buddy, you know what he likes. If he likes having a wild time, throw him a wild party. If he doesn’t like strippers, don’t get him strippers just because you want them. Always keep him in mind. You can also always surf the internet for ideas. If he is not keen on a crazy night out, you can plan for a relaxing outdoor trip. 

5. Be Friendly to the Other Groomsmen 

There’s a high possibility that you may not know all the groomsmen in the line-up. Therefore, try your best to be inclusive. Get to know the unfamiliar groomsmen and introduce them to the rest of the groom’s friends. Let them feel welcome and make the wedding a success and avoid any glitches or unexpected occurrences. 

6. Appreciate the Women 

Since you are going to interact with the bridesmaids, you need to acknowledge their beauty in the most gentlemanly way. In a sincere way, let them know that they look beautiful, offer to help, and then be on your way to your other groomsmen duties. 

7. Embrace Being an Usher 

Your first duty as a groomsman is to make sure that everything goes according to plan which includes helping the groom and bride with specific tasks. Therefore, if they happen to ask you to be the usher, don’t take offence, take up your new role with gusto and determination. 

8. Make Sure the Groom Has Everything He Needs on the Big Day 

The preparations were just the first chapter; now you’re all dressed in your suits ready for the wedding to begin. You need to ensure that your groom is calm and relaxed by meeting his needs. Offer words of encouragement and support about the day’s success. Comment on his choice of suit. A compliment can boost his morale and keep him positive as he ties the knot. 

Being a groomsman is an opportunity to show support to your best friend. As a groomsman, you have to remember that the wedding wouldn’t be complete without your presence and selfless efforts. Therefore, do your best and use the above tips if necessary!