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If you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a romantic yet sophisticated destination like Italy but think it’ll take a lot of work, especially if you’ve only visited a few times, you’ll be relieved to know that’s it’s a lot easier than you think - if you hire the right planner. Deciding to tie the knot in Italy could get tricky when you don’t know the country and the customs well. We sit down with Anna Frem of Just Amore, a wedding planning company based in Italy to learn more about what the process is like for couples who want that picture-perfect wedding in Italy. 


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Asia Wedding Network (AWN): “First off, can you tell us what the process is like for brides and grooms who want to plan their wedding in Italy and choose you as their planner?” 

Anna from Just Amore (JA): “We are not your every day wedding planners. Just Amore does not offer you the cliched wedding packages. We believe in giving all our clients a wedding that fits their story and we thoroughly understand every story is unique and needs to be catered in a totally unique manner. There is no logical way to put all weddings in a one size fits all manner. We love to create one- of-a-kind weddings.”


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AWN: “Yes, we too love bespoke weddings! But can you tell us more about the specific services that you provide for couples?” 

JA: “We bring your dream wedding to life! Our creatives take care of the planning by taking inputs from you. We consult you on all the possibilities and then create a picture-perfect mix of your imagination and our expertise to tell your fairytale to the world. We take care of all your wedding day requirements and activities to make sure you enjoy your big day in its full spirit without worrying about anything else. We take care of your guests looking after all their needs from arrival to their accommodation to their departure. We also plan your post-marriage activities like your honeymoon and make it equally if not more special.

  • Our creative department will help you make your dream Italian wedding come true
  • Location of ceremony and respecting civil, religious, symbolic or renewal of vows
  • Reception venue selection
  • Shopping for your dream wedding-dress
  • Selecting and booking accommodation
  • Customized stationery, invitations, wedding favors, welcome bags
  • Assistance with legal paperwork documentation
  • On the wedding day
    • Hair and make-up
    • Transportation on your wedding day for you and your guests
    • Music and entertainment
    • Priest, celebrant and interpreter
    • Photography and videography
  • We can help plan what happens next.
    • Guest assistance – transfers from airport, touring, organizing before and after parties, wine tasting
    • Planning and booking your honeymoon
    • Thank you cards”


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AWN: “That seems quite comprehensive! Can you tell us more about the types of weddings that you plan?”

JA: “Any type you can literally think of and anywhere in Italy. Whether you want a fully religious and traditional wedding or a fully customized destination wedding, we do it all. We specialize in doing destination weddings in Italy ensuring an unprecedented experience. Destination weddings is definitely our forte.”


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AWN: “Every couple loves destination weddings for sure. What kind of couple do you love to work with the most?” 

JA: “Honestly, my favourite type of client is the busy Professional Bride. She tells me her vision and she trusts me with every detail to reflect her style and personality, and she shows up on her wedding day with all the confidence in the world. Her wedding is usually super fun and filled with incredible lasting memories.” 


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AWN: “Yes, it gives you a lot of room for creativity for sure. How do you make sure each wedding planned for each couple is different from other couples?” 

JA: “It takes a great team to put together a wedding. Having said this, each bride has a personality that radiates through our first meeting. Each groom has a vision of his wedding. It is my pleasure to sit with both, understand their wishes, and walk them through every detail based on my personal inspirational library to ensure they are truly happy with the result. I listen to their story, and my team of creatives work their magic to give their wedding the touch of their own unique story. I like to mark a big difference in their wedding event with every little detail while remaining true to their love story.”


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AWN: “And how do you make sure each wedding goes smoothly? Have you ever had to ‘save the day?’” 

JA: “We always have a back-up plan. I am very lucky to rely on a very efficient team who stay focused in every situation. With the years, I also have put up a list of and amazing and reputable vendors that can do the impossible. So, no I haven’t saved the day yet!”


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AWN: “What you do differently than other wedding planners?”

JA: “We do not work with a one size fits all strategy. We love listening to your story and your idea of a perfect marriage. And then start working our magic to give you your fairytale wedding. When it comes to throwing your dream wedding in Italy, Just Amore plans every step of the planning process. I follow each detail myself, whether tracking RSVPs, or meticulously styled tablecloths engineered down to the last dessert spoon, or capturing the right photo, I am precise and patient with every detail.”


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AWN: “What’s the best things couples have said about working with you? Do you keep in touch with them after the wedding?”

JA: “There hardly are any customers that do not stay in touch with me and Just Amore after their weddings. I  cherish every single couple I have worked with and that is part of our company’s values. We develop more than just a client relationship with our customers, we treat them like family and receive the same love in return. They keep me updated with main events that happen in their life. We had one couple, Bianca & Hazim, who said they had doubts about wedding planners at first but Just Amore totally changed their perspective. And another couple, Sara & Shahin, said they chose us because they felt comfortable with us and we were someone who they could trust. They all knew that from day one, we are on top of everything.”


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AWN: “Seems like working with you takes out all the stress of wedding planning! So since you are a destination wedding planner, what’s the process like if you are asked to work in a destination you haven’t been to before?” 

JA: “Once you specify what destination you want to have your wedding at, our team alongside myself visit the place if we have not visited it before. We do our research by learning everything there is to learn about the city or country and then start with the planning process.” 


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AWN: “And what inspires you to always come up with the next fabulous wedding?” 

JA: “My passion and knack for putting together dream-weddings. This passion is embossed deeply in our company philosophy and we always try to create a wedding more beautiful than ever. With each new wedding, I try to raise the bar on my clients’ expectations, exceeding them.”


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AWN: “Can you tell us a little bit about yourself personally? What is your background as a wedding planner? Why weddings and how long have you been planning weddings for?”

JA: “More than 5 years! It all started with me planning a close relative’s wedding in Rome. What started off as an offer to help a relative turned out to be the spark that was needed to light my way towards a passion, I never knew I had. Since then, I never looked back. I always believed that weddings represent a meaningful expression of two persons joining their lives forever. Seeing couples happy is something I enjoy more than anything in life.”


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AWN: “You’ve planned many different types of weddings and you won many awards. Can you tell us more?” 

JA: “We have successfully organized many weddings and from different backgrounds: Indian, Russian, English, Brazilian, Iranian to name few. My team and I pride ourselves in creating memorable weddings that each couple treasure for their lifetime. Our company was recently featured in the DWP Insider (the world of luxury weddings) and in several magazines and newspaper. We were also nominated as LUX’s Ones to Watch in 2018 Best of the Wedding Industry as the ‘Leading Personal Wedding Planner & Consultant’ and as “Wedding planner of the year” from Luxury Travel Guide Lifestyle. We also won the 2018 Dubai Bride Show Award for the ‘Best Wedding Organizer/Planner in the region.”


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AWN: “Since you work with so many different cultures and traditions, how do you approach these different styles of weddings?”

JA: “Just Amore combines cultural responsibility with a cosmopolitan background to respect the wishes of the clients. I personally sits with each couple to understand their wishes and complies with each request. I then proceed to apply with the team personalized services in conformity with their culture. Having lived amongst a range of cultures throughout my lifetime, I have a polished appreciation of the world. I effortlessly navigates the many facets of cultural nuances among nationalities. I am Italian and Lebanese and speak four languages. Considering that my clientele is mostly international, this gives an immense comfort to couples not to worry about being lost in translation for the fundamental details of their wedding.”


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AWN: “Does working in so many different environments, with so many different couples, and with so many types of weddings help your creative thinking?”

JA: “Yes it does. When you visit so many places your horizon expands and you start looking at things differently. I draw my creative inspiration from a broad spectrum of cultures and traditions. This allows for new ideas that help in making your wedding beautiful.”