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When you’ve spent many months planning your big day, sometimes it is difficult to think of anything else but the wedding. However, your wedding day marks the start of something incredible - your actual marriage. So where do you move your focus on once you have tied the knot? It is important to make plans for the future that you can work towards as a couple. “Marriage is like a golden ring in a chain, whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity,” philosopher, Kahlil Gibran once said. This is your beginning. Here are three wonderful ways that you can look to the future.

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Your First Home Together

Your first home together is going to be the most important place in the world after you have got married. It is where you settle down, share your hopes, and really get to know one another. After your honeymoon, sit down together and make a list of how you would like to work towards your dream living space. Perhaps you want to own your own house, rather than renting. Maybe you want to decorate, incorporating both your ideas and design aesthetic. You should be planning to work jointly towards a shared goal - making your living space perfect.

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Your Financial Situation

Discuss your joint finances together, and talk about how you’re going to manage your finances together from now on. Creating a joint bank account is a good idea, but you might also want to talk about who’s going to be managing what. Either way, it’s a discussion that’s worth to have before you actually tie the knot.

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Your first anniversary

While some may have wedding planning withdrawl, you can have enormous fun planning your first anniversary together. Your anniversary is also an ideal opportunity to look back over your personal triumphs together from the past year. In the 12 months following your wedding day, keep a special memory jar. Every time you have shared a moment of joy, or have achieved a goal together, write it down on a piece of paper. On your first anniversary, pick out some of your memories and read them together. They will remind you of everything you have worked towards as a couple.

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The wedding is only the start of your marriage together. Making some dream plans for the future will help to unite you both in a shared goal.