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When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, you usually think of goals for just yourself. But it can be beneficial as a couple for both you and your significant other to come up with a resolution for you to complete together. There’s plenty of tasks  you can work on together; wedding planning, your relationship, family or fitness goals. We’ve come up with a list of 17 New Year’s resolutions that every engaged couple should consider! 

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1. Be open about your feelings 

Bottling away anger or sadness is a bad move in any relationship but especially a romantic relationship. Make a promise to each other to be open about your feelings. It’s good practice for marriage, too!

2.  Don’t ignore your wedding planning duties 

Life can get hectic and sometimes you forget to keep up with your wedding planning duties. This will only lead to more stress for both you and your significant other! Make a resolution to sit down throughout the week and stay on top of your planning. 

3. Spend more time with family 

This is a great idea for single people, too! Don’t let work or wedding planning take up all your time. It’s important to schedule time to spend with your family. Also don’t forget to include them in your wedding planning! 

4. Consider premarital counseling 

This is more than just a resolution, this is planning for your future! Make a promise to each other to prepare yourselves for marriage. This includes premarital counseling. 

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5. Show more interest in each other’s hobbies

While it’s important to have your own hobbies and interests, it’s also important to support your significant other’s fun. Even if you may not find their interests exciting, if they chose to share it with you, be enthusiastic. 

6. Listen to each other’s advice 

This can be particularly difficult if you or your significant other is stubborn! It’s important to listen to each other’s advice when you are looking for help or an opinion. 

7. Be generous 

Gifts aren’t limited to just holidays and anniversaries. It’s important to do nice things for your significant other year round. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, just something to show that you love and appreciate them. 

8. Pass out the compliments 

It’s important to never lie to your partner, but don’t be afraid to pass out compliments. If they cooked a delicious meal or just look really confident that day, tell them! It’ll boost their mood and confidence. 

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9. Keep your promises 

Have you been planning a trip for years? How about a fancy dinner? Keep each promise that you make to each other. These can be big trips or small favors. You’ll experience more while keeping your word. 

10. Don’t have an attitude 

Sometimes you’re in a bad mood. But that doesn’t mean you can share the wealth with your partner. Be mindful to not snap or share an attitude with each other. This goes both ways, too! 

11. Make intimacy a priority 

Don’t let your physical relationship go stale. Make a resolution to keep your intimacy alive. It will bring the two of you closer while reigniting the passion you have before taking the plunge. 

12. Listen

Sometimes you just need to vent. It’s important to listen to each other daily. You could be venting about a bad day at work or talking about how you want to plan the wedding. 

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13. Sweat for the wedding 

Are you both wanting to tone your body before the wedding? Make a pact to go to the gym often. You can even go together to help keep each other accountable. 

14. Reduce your stress 

There’s lots of different things in your life that can make you stress. Work together with your partner to find healthy ways to reduce the stress in your life. 

15. Don’t forget about your friends

You don’t have to hang out exclusively with married or dating couples. It’s important to remember your single friends. Not every group has to be seen in even numbers! 

16. Get a financial planner 

Do you need a helping hand when it comes to saving money or planning your future? Hire a financial planner. This is also a great step towards your marriage, too. 

17. Be grateful 

You are planning to marry the love of your life. Sometimes life can get hectic and you forget how good you’ve got it. Make a promise to remember how grateful you are in life. Even if other parts of your life isn’t ideal, you’ve got your significant other.