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Shopping for family members and friends can already be stressful. But picking out gifts for your new in-laws can be that much more difficult! Instead of worrying over this particular shopping spree, check out our holiday gift guide for your future in-laws - we cover parents, grandparents, siblings, and even aunts and uncles, which means you’re in good hands:

Father in-law

You’ll want to impress your new family, especially your father and mother in-law. For your new father in-law, you can find gifts similar to what you’d buy for your father.

father in law gift ideas

Sunglasses -  shop now

Sunglasses might feel like an impersonal gift, but it’s an incredibly useful gift! We use sunglasses everyday, and if you get him a nice pair, your father in-law will think of you every time he uses them! 

Personalized pocket watch - shop now

A personalized gift will win you major points for any family member. But this personalized pocket watch is not only thoughtful, but it’s a gift that can be used over and over again. It’s the perfect gift to win major brownie points with your new father in-law. 

Stylish pocket square - shop now

This is a great option if you are still planning a wedding. Consider buying a pocket square that matches your wedding colors! It will show that you think of all the small details, and he’ll be able to think of you when he get ready for your wedding day.

Mother in-law

Impressing your mother in-law might be your biggest goal this holiday season. There’s several different ways you can make her smile on Christmas morning!

mother in law gift ideas

Jewelry - shop now

Jewelry is a great gift for a mother in-law, especially if you are starting your relationship. It’s an easy gift that pleases nearly everyone. You could even give her jewelry that she can wear to the wedding!

Jewelry holder - shop now

This gift is a perfect additional accessory if you plan to gift your mother in-law jewelry. You can order a personalized holder with her name or a saying, too!

A trendy coat - shop now

Not only is this a practical gift, but it shows that you care about her. You can pick a classic style or something a little trendy. If you know your mother in-law’s personal style, it’s a great way to bridge your relationship.

Sister in-law

If you aren’t too close to your future sister in-law, shopping for a gift can be difficult, but you can also take this as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. You can make her happy with any of these gifts:

sister in law gift ideas

A dress for your upcoming hen night - shop now

Chances are you’ve invited your sister in-law to your hen night. Buy her a sexy and fun dress to wear to the party! It shows that you’re thinking of her and that you want her to feel included in your wedding plans. If you’re afraid you don’t know her style, you can also get her gift cards to her favorite brands as well!

USB charger - shop now

You can never have enough USB chargers laying around. Pick up a cute one for your sister in-law to use as an accessory, especially if she’s working or still in school. You can even get personalized options as well!

Skincare set - shop now

Every woman loves nice skin. If you have a favorite brand that you swear by, see if you can find the gift set version for your future sister in-law. It makes for a great gift, and a great talking point - and if it does wonders for her skin as it does for yours, then extra points for you!

Brother in-law

You can’t forget about your brother in-law! A simple gift will put a smile on his face.

brother in law gift idea

Docking Station - shop now

For the man who has everything, an all-purpose docking station will keep him organized and prepared for the new year. Give a personal touch by adding his initials!

Headphones - shop now

Everyone needs a great pair of headphones. Get a pair that features luxurious leather and great quality. It’s a great gift that will help you build a relationship.

Shaving Set - shop now

Get him ready for your big day with a shaving set. If he’s sporting a beard that you don’t like, this can be great way for him to subtly get the hint.

Grandparents in-law

Not only are you inheriting a new set of parents, you’re also fortunate enough to gain a new set of grandparents! Gifting for them during the holidays will certainly give you brownie points, making them love you more than they probably already to.

grandparents in law gift ideas

Wooden cooking utensils - shop now

Even if a couple has been established for decades, everyone can use an upgrade in the kitchen. This thoughtful gift will impress your grandparents in-laws!

Picture frames - shop now

Purchase some picture frames and insert some pictures of you and your significant other, and maybe your parents in-laws too. There’s a strong chance your grandparents in-law have been asking for photos anyways!

Personalized stationary - shop now

It’s always a great idea to have personalized stationery on hand. Use this gift as an excuse to send handwritten notes to each other. It’ll help your relationship grow over the years!

Cousins in-law

You might not consider buying a gift for your new cousins, but we can promise you, you can’t forget about these family members! Surprising them and them know that you thought of them will definitely make you a family favorite during the holidays.

cousin in law gift ideas

Candles - shop now

These candles are so luxurious, it will impress anyone! Anything luxurious will impress new family members that you are still getting to know. Everyone loves nice candles so this is a gift that can’t go wrong.

Portable bluetooth speakers - shop now

Portable speakers are so useful, and Bluetooth is an added bonus. They’ll be able to use these speakers anywhere!

Wine glasses set - shop now

Everyone needs a nice set of wine glasses. It’s a perfect gift especially for younger family members.

Uncles in-law

It’s important to welcome all of your significant other’s family members into your arms - including your uncles and aunts in-law. Especially if they’re not expecting gifts from you, getting them something special will really make them remember you in the coming year.

aunts in law gift ideas

Wallet - shop now

Every man needs a luxurious leather wallet. This particular find makes a perfect gift, as you can personalize it with your in-law’s initials!

Decanter - shop now

This beautiful decanter can be used for wine, whisky and other fine alcohols. It’s a classy gift that will impress even the coldest, unwelcoming of family members.

Scarf - shop now

When the temperatures are dropping, everyone appreciates a warm scarf! This is a thoughtful gift that will impress anyone.

Aunts in-law

Coffeemaker - shop now

This copper coffee maker is not only practical, it’s beautiful. Any kitchen accessory is a great gift to give for someone you don’t know too well. This is a nice way of impressing you new aunt, and making her think of you each morning when she prepares her morning coffee.

Essential oil diffuser - shop now

Diffusers are both practical and beneficial to your health. Gifting a diffuser shows that you care about their wellbeing and wish for them stay relaxed and happy.

Earrings - shop now

These earrings will show that you find your new in-law to be very classy. It’s a perfect gift that will impress anyone.