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In almost every Chinese wedding, you’ll be given wedding candy, often in beautifully packaged candy boxes, personalized for the couple’s taste. Not only do these wedding candy and candy boxes add to the festive wedding atmosphere in each ceremony, but they also represent ‘happiness,’ and ‘sweetness’ to the wedding guests.

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Giving out candy to friends and family represent that the couple wants to share the festivities and get everyone’s blessings. Generally, the four common candies are chocolate, rock sugar, melon candy, and smaller cookie candies. These are the traditional symbols of sweetness in a marriage.

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However, nowadays, couples tend to get more creative with their candy choices as there are tons of varieties to choose from - including customised wedding candy! For couples these days, they not only think about the meaning behind these wedding candies but also the decorative aspect - wedding candies and their candy boxes can really add to the uniqueness of each wedding, especially since they are usually placed on or near the table setting.

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You can also learn a lot about the couple from the candies they use. For example, if the couple chooses a colourful candy, that means the couple likes cute things and are more likely to be born after the 1990’s. If the couple chooses an expensive name-brand chocolate, this means the couple appreciates the finer things and is more likely to be born during the 1980’s.

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Not only does the candy say a lot about the couple, but so too does the candy box that they choose. With tons of themes and color choices, the candy box will really bring out a certain style or color theme from the wedding table setting.

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