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Best man speeches: (noun.) Something every bride and groom gets nervous about. Choosing a best man can be as difficult as picking out an engagement ring. Not only should your candidate for best man be up to the job, but he’s got to write a pretty spectacular best man speech for the reception. This could be terrifying for several different reasons. Either your best man isn’t the sociable type or you’re worried about him drunkenly bringing up some less than desirable stories from your younger days. No matter who your best bro is, it’s best to lay down some guidelines and share some ideas for the best man speech:

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1. Talk about what can and cannot be mentioned

If you don’t want any stories from your crazy college days airing during the best man speech, now is your time to speak up and tell him. There’s nothing wrong with the best man cracking jokes during his speech but it’s best to make sure they are tasteful and don’t bring up anything that would embarrass your wife or your families. Make sure all the lines are covered.

2. Stay sober

This is another topic that needs to be discussed before the best man writes his speech. Your best man might think he needs some liquid courage before opening his mouth but this could end very badly - trust us. Talk to him about staying away from the alcohol before the speech. Only once it’s over can he truly party. 

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3. Avoid controversial topics

It’s good to make sure your best man knows to keep politics and other controversial issues out of his best man speech. You might think this is common sense but when someone gets up in front of a crowd of people, nerves can get in the way and they can start drowning irrelevant comparisons. It’s another reason why you need to lay out guidelines before your best bro sits down and writes.

4. Let him be himself

A best man shouldn’t feel pressured to pull off an incredible and heartfelt speech. Let him know that it’s best to let him be himself. When he feels comfortable, that’s when you’ll get a memorable best man speech from your best bro.

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5. Plan ahead - don’t wing it

No matter what the occasion is, no one wants to totally wing a best man speech. Make sure that your best man knows it’s best to plan ahead. It would also be best to sit down with him and see what he’s planning on talking about. He could even write note cards with tips and reminders on his speech!

6. Avoid inside jokes

There’s nothing wrong with a hilarious story, but if no one but the best man and the groom understands it, it can lead to an awkward situation. Keep it simple and heartfelt. The best man speech should be easily understood by all the wedding guests.

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7. Practice in front of others

Even if he prepares everything in advance, it all goes to waste unless he practices. Your best man could always assemble the bridal party and practice in front of them (they can also help filter his speech). That way he gets to rehearse in front of a crowd while you and your bride don’t have to hear it before the reception. Plus, if he’s comfortable with his best man speech, it will seem more genuine and heartfelt.