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Wedding hashtagging is the newest, trendiest way for all brides to keep up with every selfie and group picture taken during your reception. Your friends and family will be able to capture every candid moment that your photographers might miss. Picking out a creative hashtag allows you to see all pictures taken at once, preferably as you jet off to your honeymoon. There’s a ton of benefits to choosing a wedding hashtag, but the most difficult part is picking out what that hashtag will be! Even those who are good with phrases and words can find it hard to pick out your wedding hashtag. If you are stumped, don’t worry! We’ve come up with a great list of creative wedding hashtags that will inspire you to craft the perfect wedding hashtag - or you can use our hashtag creator for more wedding hashtag ideas!

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1. #EveryDayisLeggDay

Two Crossfit enthusiasts got married, and it turns out the groom’s last name is Legg. This unique wedding hashtag was hilariously perfect for the pair and described them perfectly. 

2. #WedLongandProsper

This wedding hashtag is perfect for the science fiction lovers out there. The hashtag is a play on the popular phrase from Star Trek, “Live Long and Prosper.” 

3. #BrokenBride

This bride decided to not let her recent injury get in the way of her wedding planning. She broke her arm right before the ceremony! Her and her fiancé decided to have a little fun and plan a fun wedding hashtag around the story. 

4. #MorganHeBargainedFor 

This creative wedding hashtag borrowed from the bride’s name and turned it into a funny story. Hopefully Morgan wasn’t too much more than he bargained for. 

5. #ToHaveAndToHolton

Standard wedding vows include the line, “to have and to hold.” This couple decided to take that traditional line and make a funny wedding hashtag, including their last name, Holton! 

6. #PromDate2LifeMate

This couple started dating back in high school and decided to play up their past in their creative wedding hashtag. From prom to their wedding! 

7. #HusseyNoMore

This funny wedding hashtag took advantage of a unique last name and a rather not-so-nice phrase! You can do the same with any maiden name. 

8. #StocksandBonds

This clever and creative wedding hashtag is a nod to the groom, whose last name is Stocks, and their new bond created on their wedding day. 

9. #WeStillComing

This normal sounding wedding hashtag has a hilarious back story. The bride was sending out a text message about the wedding, but she sent it to the wrong number. After realizing her mistake, the person on the other line said, “we still coming.” 

10. #BirdsofaFeathers

Are you familiar with the phrase, “birds of a feather flock together?” This couple decided to take advantage of their new last name, Feathers, and play off of that phrase for their creative wedding hashtag

11. #HammandCheeseWedding

The groom’s last name is Hamm, and the bride’s nickname was cheese. This funny wedding hashtag was a match made in snack heaven.

12. #LetsGetRaunchy

This hashtag might sound steamy, but the couple decided to take the groom’s last name and have some fun. His last name is Raunch! 

13. #WeSaidIDoOnJune2

This couple added in their wedding date into the wedding hashtag! It’s also a fun way for your guests to remember which day to show up to the venue.

14. #WeCameWeSawWeWed

This creative wedding hashtag keeps it simple and easy - We Came, We Saw, We Wed. 

15. #AdventuresofJuanandCelina

Your wedding is the start of a new adventure between you and your husband. This couple made this creative wedding hashtag over that phrase.

16. #TeamCullen

Marriage makes you a team. This couple choose a creative wedding hashtag that showed the world that they are a team throughout anything life tosses at them. 

17. #WrightStateofMind

This newlywed couple, the Wrights, wanted to incorporate their new last name into their creative wedding hashtag. So naturally, they wanted their guests to be in the “Wright” state of mind during the wedding! 

18. #PotterPartyof2

This is another play off of the newlywed couple’s last name. They’ll get used to saying this phrase throughout their marriage...until they have kids!

19. #YouHadMeAtDarcy

How sweet is this creative wedding hashtag? You can insert the bride’s name into the hashtag and make it your own. Do you remember how special it felt when your groom said your name for the first time? 

20. #SayYesToTheKress

You’ve said yes to the dress, how about yes to your groom? This bride took advantage of her new last name to create this funny wedding hashtag. 

21. #BigFatHarryWedding

This groom is known for being a little gifted with body hair. So this couple decided to have a little fun on his behalf and create a funny wedding hashtag. 

22. #KristenLovesJustin

This couple kept their wedding hashtag nice and simple. So and so loves so and so. You can’t go wrong with this simple yet classic wedding hashtag. 

23. #ThisIsOurWeddingHashtag

Tired of struggling with a creative wedding hashtag? So was this couple! This funny take on the wedding hashtagging trend has gone viral for all the right reasons. Your wedding hashtag doesn’t have to be perfect, just connected to you!