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When choosing your bridal party, it’s important to be confident in your selections. Each position comes with several duties. You could have a close relationship with a friend, but they aren’t exactly the most reliable person in your life. This could cause you trouble down the road. Probably one of the most difficult positions to fill is the best man. The best man has a ton of duties on his plate, including planning the bachelor party and the big toast during the reception. And you don’t exactly want to choose the forgetful and unreliable friend…but what about choosing your own father to stand by your side?

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Your dad has been with you throughout the years. Through your best and worst moments. When considering all of the traits a best man usually offers, whoever falls into a father-like relationship is perfect for the job. But there are some traditional duties that the best man takes care of that could lead to some awkward moments. For instance, do you really want to go to a strip club with your dad or get stupidly drunk during your bachelor party?

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If your dad is managing your bachelor party, you’ve got several PG options to choose from. You could grab tickets to a sports event, check out an exclusive whisky tasting, or even go fishing. There are tons of ways you can bond with your groomsmen without heading to the strip club. Honestly, a bachelor party shouldn’t just be limited to strippers. It’s an opportunity to bond and hang out with your friends. There are a ton of fun events that everyone can enjoy. Or if you are dead set on planning your own events maybe dad would step out of that particular role. Keeping a line of communication open is always the best option.

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Another big role of the best man is to coordinate a speech during the reception. Usually these traditional speeches can get a little raunchy, depending on how much alcohol the best man has enjoyed that night. But when a father takes on the role of the best man, they have a little bit of an advantage. Your dad could stick to the traditional speech. Or, he could add in fun stories from your childhood. This unique toast could have it’s perks. If you feel uncomfortable wondering what your dad will come up with, it’s best to talk to him before hand. This goes for any best man speech. If you are anxious, set up some guidelines.

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The duties of the best man tends to fluctuate, depending on who is stepping into the role. If you do choose your dad, it’s important to be open from the beginning. Tell him what duties he can take over and which ones you don’t feel comfortable assigning to him. If you have a close relationship with him, he’s going to listen to what you want. Would you really be choosing him as your best man if he wouldn’t? Feel honored that you have the opportunity to have a great relationship with your dad. Tag him along during one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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