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The simple truth is that a groom can’t do it alone. It’s not supposed to be a one man band. There are some things that he will just straight up need help with. The groom should ultimately make the wedding process easier for his bride, and his groomsmen need to do everything they can to make it simpler for him. While a groom’s dependence on his groomsmen ultimately depends on their prior relationships, there are some basic things that the groom should expect from his very own party. Here’s 9 things you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your groomsmen:

1. Don’t be late…to anything
Groomsmen should always make the effort to be on time for any wedding events, no exceptions. Nothing tells the groom that he made the wrong choice when his support group can’t even show up for events on the dot. Don’t delay the wedding events and piss off the bride at the same time.

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2. Listen to the bride boss
This is the bride’s day and the groom should defer to his bride’s choices. Groomsmen are expected to do the same, especially when helping to organize wedding-related matters. If groomsmen don’t agree with some choices, then they should keep in mind that this isn’t really their wedding.

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3. Don’t cause drama with other groomsmen
Grooms have a lot on their plate – wedding plans to check, both sides of the family wanting updates, and calming down a stressed-out bride. The last thing the groom needs is for his groomsmen to be having any problems among them. Groomsmen should avoid any conflicts and keep the groom as stress-free as possible.

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4. Take notes and review them
Information is important in any situation, but especially important for a wedding. Some key details can make or break a wedding ceremony, so avoid sticky situations by keeping any information in mind. On the flip side, groomsmen shouldn’t be afraid to let the groom know if additional details are needed.

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5. Give suggestions and pitch ideas if you have any
The wedding will consist primarily of the bride’s ideas, but grooms have some leeway for their groomsmen too – so, they should feel free to contribute. Suggest a better style of clothing for the groomsmen or pitch in ideas for the bachelor party. The groom will be bragging about his great groomsmen choices later.

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6. Use your connections
Maybe a groomsman was part of another wedding that went well. Sharing is caring, they say. Any information regarding suppliers for music, catering, or even ordained ministers can and should be passed along. The suggestions may not be used, but it’s always reassuring to have options.

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7. Socialize as much as possible
The bridal party needs to socialize with a lot of people at weddings. The groomsmen shouldn’t just stand in the corner and look good. Having them do the rounds as well to entertain the other guests will definitely take a lot of pressure off the couple.

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8. Look good, really good
They don’t need to look like a movie star, but groomsmen should make sure they look good for the wedding. No make-up needed, but having a shave or getting a hair cut before the ceremony would be appreciated. Think of the wedding pictures. Think of the wedding pictures 10 years later.

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9. Help out with some manual labor
Don’t expect the bridal party to be doing any physical lifting – they’re in gowns, after all. If any guests need help carrying their wedding presents, or any chairs need to be moved – groomsmen should be ready to step up. Be a perfect gentleman, and help the wedding run smoothly.

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