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"Yam Seng," or “cheers” in Chinese, is a Cantonese term that literally means “drink to victory," is usually practiced in wedding celebrations to congratulate the groom for marrying his beloved woman. Typically done towards the end of the reception, the couple, together with their families and the bridal party, will get up and cram around each table in turn to drink a toast with their guests. Everyone will raise their glasses high and shout "yam seng" so the atmosphere is pushed to a new high.

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Guests from different tables will compete and try to shout louder than the rest, generating a lot of laughter and fun moments throughout the night. Particularly for Singaporean and Malaysian weddings, the newlywed and their families and good friends will stand on stage and shout out, “yam~~~~~~~~~~~seng!” They will mutter “yam......” for as long as possible until they ran out of breathe, followed by “seng......” The longer they hold, the more blessings will come. This process will be repeated three times, each time louder than the previous, so expect a louder "yam seng" to come each time!

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The first for a blissful marriage, the second for eternal love between the couple, and the third for fertility. So what's the point of "yam seng?" These are all common Chinese wedding customs celebrating a new chapter in life as husband and wife, and wishing them happiness in their new marriage life ahead.

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