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Our Packages Are Made With love (…And Discounts!)

While we do have some in-house services, most of the packages will be carried out by well known wedding professionals whom we’ve worked on negotiating exclusive deals or discounts for the creation of our packages. Other than negotiated rates, our packages are carefully created with love, putting the couple’s experience above everything else.

2 or 3-tiered Fondant-Covered Cake for 40-45 guests

US$ 540

Koh Samui

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2 or 3-tiered Fondant-Covered Cake for 40-45 guests-1
2 or 3-tiered Fondant-Covered Cake for 40-45 guests-2
2 or 3-tiered Fondant-Covered Cake for 40-45 guests-3
2 or 3-tiered Fondant-Covered Cake for 40-45 guests-4
2 or 3-tiered Fondant-Covered Cake for 40-45 guests-5
2 or 3-tiered Fondant-Covered Cake for 40-45 guests-6
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  • Fondant-Covered USD 540 - 600
  • * Lower price corresponds to a simple design, such as Naked Cake, cake covered with cream and decoration with fresh flowers.
  • The cost of the cake is higher if:
    • cake covered with fondant;
    • using handmade sugar flowers;
    • hand-painted on the cake;
    • sculpting figures;
    • used gold, silver;
    • other complex special design.
  • The final cost will be known after discuss all the details - size, decor and cake fillings.
  • Design: If you have pictures of cakes that you like, please send to concierge@asiaweddingnetwork.com
  • Classic Flavors Cakes:
    • Chocolate cake
    • Chocolate mud cake
    • Vanilla cake
    • Red velvet cake
  • Special Flavors Cakes:
    • Chocolate-Raspberry
      • chocolate chiffon sponge cake
      • dark chocolate cream with raspberry
      • Great combination of raspberry and dark chocolate! The taste of the cake is more chocolate, raspberries added quite a bit, just for the flavors.
    • Salted caramel-chocolate
      • chocolate sponge cake
      • airy cream-mousse with homemade salted caramel
      • Rich caramel and chocolate flavor and very light cream texture. Paradise for chocoholics :)
    • Mango-passion fruit
      • white velvet sponge cake
      • mango syrup impregnation
      • soft cream cheese
      • layer of passion fruit & mango homemade marmalade
      • Light, juicy cake, with a refreshing sourness.
    • Mango-strawberry
      • vanilla chiffon sponge cake
      • soft cream cheese
      • mango and strawberry filling
      • A bright combination of mango and strawberry, for lovers of fruit taste.
    • White chocolate-raspberry
      • vanilla sponge cake
      • cream-mousse with white chocolate and raspberries
      • Very soft cream like a melting ice cream. The cake have very gentle and delicate taste.
      • Raspberry seeds are removed before use.

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