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Bliss Events Thailand - 公司標誌

Bliss Events Thailand 







Bliss Events Thailand是一個總部設在蘇梅島的婚禮顧問。 聯繫Bliss Events Thailand,以查看Bliss Events Thailand的價格,套餐,蘇梅島服務地點和過去的婚禮作品。

蘇梅島 | 婚禮顧問  >  Bliss Events Thailand


Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand

Bliss Events Thailand


Amazing services

We cannot thank Chat, Mie Mie and the Bliss team enough for making our wedding day perfect. The first time I visited Conrad for venue hunting I met Chat briefly and watched videos of many weddings done by her team, she seemed very professional and experienced, I knew then I would be in good hands. During the 8-9 month planning process, Bliss was extremely responsive to all my emails with detailed explanations and pictures to show. It must not have been easy dealing with a perfectionist Virgo like me but they were very patient with me and tried their best to accommodate all my requests and provided many valuable suggestions. Chat and Mie Mie made time out of their busy schedules to do conference calls and to meet me in person whenever needed. They met with me at least three times before the actual wedding day to lock down all the details. At the end Chat even offered complimentary upgrades like tablecloth and chandelier that match with my color theme to make my wedding extra special.

Mie Mie was onsite the whole day of the wedding day to coordinate, we would not have survived without her help with so many things to deal with at once. Chat even made it onsite right after she landed from her business trip to witness my wedding and to make sure everything was smooth running. Overall the wedding was perfect and exceeded our expectations. All my family and friends said it was the best wedding they've been to, thanks to Bliss!


So professional and friendly

Thanks to the wonderful team at Bliss, especially Mie Mie, my wedding at Conrad Koh Samui turned out to be everything I wanted and more. Everything from the decorations, flowers, table settings, song playlists, agenda of the day, guest arrangements and more were arranged so seamlessly and wonderfully, I didn't have to worry about a single thing. All my requests big and small were accommodated, as they understood it is our big day and it is of utmost importance it goes according to how we want it to.

If you need a professional team to look after your wedding in Koh Samui or Thailand, look no further than the Bliss team!!


Carla & Simone - The Conrad, Koh Samui 13 July 2017

Bliss events are absolutely without a doubt the best and most experienced wedding vendor in Koh Samui and in the greater Thailand. Their portfolio is extensive and they have through the years of working on the island established all the necessary relationships with suppliers to ensure a successful wedding for each client.

There is a ton of work that goes into a wedding, from florists to Chefs, Dj’s and teams of all sorts. Niteesh from Bliss and Mim from the Conrad stood out as they were willing to go the extra mile to ensure our every wish came true.

Thank you to Chatjuta for moving the ceremony a couple of times on the wedding day because it started raining just as the ceremony was meant to begin. Even with the rain surprising us, Bliss managed to still make the ceremony special, and kept us at ease throughout all the changes that had to happen last moment. Thank you Bliss team for creating a Fairy Tale wedding that moved people all over the world. We cried when we saw the wedding video yesterday. What beautiful memories you have created for us to hold dear for the rest of our lives. Thank you!


Our Wedding @ Conrad Koh Samui with Bliss Event

We worked with Niteesh from Bliss Events for over 6 months in the run up to our wedding. He continuously exceeded expectations with his knowledge, can-do attitude (always with a big smile on his face as well), and excellent coordination expertise . He constantly delivered our needs swiftly with high levels of accuracy; playing a very important role in making our wedding spectacular and perfect in every way. Niteesh also worked extremely well under pressure (mainly pressure / sudden requests that we have given him) and handled everything effectively with quick actions. Feedback from our guests have been extremely positive, and we are extremely happy with how our wedding turned out.

We highly recommend Nitessh & Bliss Events and thank you once again for playing a part in making our dream wedding come true.



Bliss Events Thailand

BLISS Events & Wedding (Thailand) is a professional events management and wedding planning company based on the islands of Koh Samui and Phuket specializing in destination events all over Thailand.

  • 125 / 1, Moo 1, Lipa Noi
  • 蘇梅島, 蘇梅島


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