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Silk Bouquets

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  • When ordering wedding decorations online, we recommend starting a chat, learning more about the product, and ordering one product first and seeing it in person before ordering more.


  • Mini bridal bouquet made with preserved flower - 15cm Diameter, 20cm Height
  • HKD 388.00
  • Bridal hair piece made from preserved flower
  • HKD 298.00
  • "Music in My Heart" Preserved Flower Art Piece in Grand Piano Display 長L:15cmx闊W:12cmx高H:15cm
  • HKD 888.00
  • DIY Preserved Flower in a Glass Container Art Piece - "Lace Rosette" Diameter - 10cm Height - 25cm Nice gift idea for Lovers, Mothers' Day, Birthday, Anniversary
  • HKD 1,780.00
  • Bridal accessories - handmade wrist wrap with preserved flower
  • HKD 168.00
  • Bridal accessories - handmade wrist wrap with preserved flower
  • HKD 168.00
  • Bridal accessories - handmade wrist wrap with preserved flower
  • HKD 168.00
  • Bridal accessories - handmade wrist wrap with preserved flower
  • HKD 168.00
  • Bridal accessories - handmade wrist wrap with preserved flower
  • HKD 168.00
  • Bridal accessories - handmade wrist wrap with preserved flower
  • HKD 168.00
  • Boutonniere - DIY
  • HKD 168.00
  • Boutonniere - DIY - each sold separately
  • HKD 180.00
  • A Basket for scattering flower petals down the aisle during a wedding procession, specially made for wedding flower girl.
  • HKD 138.00
  • Preserved Flower wedding bouquet
  • HKD 2,688.00
  • Preserved Flower wedding bouquet
  • HKD 2,688.00
  • Boho bouquet, greenery bouquet, woodland bouquet, rustic bouquet, bridal bouquet, silk bouquet,wedding bouquet,wrapped bouquet, gift for her
  • HKD 1,083.87
  • Wedding Bouquet, Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Silk Flower Bouquet, Wedding Flowers, Silk Bouquet, Wedding Package, Flower Bouquet
  • HKD 945.07
  • Silk Wedding Bouquet, Rustic Bouquet, Greenery Bouquet, Peony Bouquet, Plum Bouquet, Silk Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Wedding Flowers
  • HKD 1,171.24
  • Garden Style Silk Flower Wedding Bouquet | Cream, Light Peach, White and Greenery | Faux Flowers Keepsake Bridal Bouquet | SG-1047
  • HKD 1,453.96
  • Off white, ivory, touch of pink BROOCH BOUQUET. Silver jeweled silk roses flowers teardrop cascading broach bouquet. Pearls bling wedding
  • HKD 1,211.63
  • Blush & White Peony Bridal Bouquet, Modern Bouquet, Blush Pink Wedding Bouquet, Silk Flowers, Peony Bouquet, Blush Peonies, Wedding Flowers
  • HKD 807.75
  • Wildflower and Garden Rose Wedding Bouquet - Silk Bridal Bouquet
  • HKD 969.31
  • SILK FLOWERS WEDDING bouquets violet, pinks eggplant
  • HKD 807.75
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet, Silk Flowers, Silk Wedding Bouquet, Pink, Bouquet, Wedding Set, Faux Bouquet, Shabby Chic, Rustic Bouquet, Fall Bouquet
  • HKD 444.26
  • Bridal Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Artificial and Silk Wedding Flowers. Peonies, roses, wildflowers lush foliage. Pink and white bouquet
  • HKD 946.28
  • Calla Lily Bouquet, White Calla Lily Bouquet, Wedding Floral Package, Silk Wedding Flowers, Pink Calla Lily Bouquet, Red Calla Lily Bouquet
  • HKD 760.00
  • Boho Bouquet, Silk Flower Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Bridal Bouquet, Peony Bouquet, Wildflower Bouquet, Wedding Flowers, Silk Wedding Flowers
  • HKD 800.00
  • Peony Bridal Bouquet, Silk Wedding Flowers, Blush Wedding Flowers, Vintage Wedding, Rustic Wedding Shabby Chic Wedding, Bride Bridesmade
  • HKD 760.00
  • Wedding Bouquet, Wedding Decoration, Fuchsia Peony, Succulent, Orange Ranunculus, Lavender Bridal Bouquet, Silk Wedding Flowers.
  • HKD 1,205.79
  • Silk Bouquet Pink Peach Yellow Wedding Bouquet Wedding Flowers Garden Bouquet Spring Bouquet Summer Wedding Flowers
  • HKD 1,647.91
  • White bridal bouquet, succulent bouquet, rose bouquet, peony bouquet, wedding bouquet, ranunculus bouquet, hydrangea bouquet, silk bouquet.
  • HKD 950.09
  • 6pcs Blush Pink Real Touch Pink Peonies For Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaids bouquets, Blush pink peonies,not silk peony
  • HKD 136.00
  • Silk flower wedding bouquet, Silk bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, decoration, Summer, Spring, bridal bouquet
  • HKD 1,286.09
  • Blush bouquet, pink bouquet, throw bouquet, keepsake flower, silk bouquet, ready to ship, pink cream flowers, blush wedding, vintage bouquet
  • HKD 950.00
  • wedding bouquet, eucalyptus bouquet, peony bouquet, cabbage rose bouquet, silk bouquet, bridal bouquet, wedding flowers, rustic bouquet
  • HKD 1,085.21
  • Silk Marsala Blush Peony Bouquet Winter Wedding Bouquet with Peony, Roses, and Berries - Silk Bouquet
  • HKD 600.00
  • Vintage style wedding bouquet. Cabbage roses, dahlias, wildflower bouquet. Cream, caramel and latte flowers. Silk bouquet, wedding flowers
  • HKD 895.61
  • Soft ivory garden roses, peonies and ranunculus in a gorgeous bed of silver dollar eucalyptus.
  • HKD 5,015.67
  • Pretty Pink Peony Bridal Bouquet
  • HKD 939.00
  • Yellow and Cream Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets - Comes with 1 Bridal Bouquet, 8 Bridesmaid Bouquets, 10 Boutonnieres
  • HKD 5,812.00


How to Customize

1. Email concierge@asiaweddingnetwork.com with photos of what you want to customize.

2. We’ll email you back with the best quote from our vendors!

Can be applied to worldwide locations in the following categories:


-Gifts & Favors

-Wedding Cakes

-Flower Bouquets

-Bridesmaids Dresses

-Wedding Dresses

*For categories not listed, please email concierge@asiaweddingnetwork.com for more info!

How to Buy a Product

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How come I can’t place items in a shopping cart like other shopping sites?

Weddings are a once in a life-time event. We want you to confirm all details about each product you are buying before paying. That’s why we want you to chat with us and get as much info as you need before buying an item.


When I click through, some items are out of stock - what should I do?

We try our best to choose products that are available and that you’ll love. But sometimes, you’ll find that an item you found is no longer available for sale by one of our partners. When this happens, please let us know by using the Chat function - our team will look around the web and let you know where it is available (if it is). We’ll also remove the product so we won’t add more confusion to others!


How do I make the payment?

Different items have different payment requirements. Usually ATM Transfer, PayPal, Wire Transfers, Credit Card payments are all accepted.


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