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  (33 Items)  How to Buy or Customize?
  • When ordering bespoke or handmade wedding accessories, we recommend starting a chat, learning more about the product, and confirming all specs before placing the order.


  • Visionary Chapel Veil
  • HKD 5,070.00
  • Painted Flora Veil
  • HKD 3,125.00
  • Shadow Light Veil
  • HKD 2,109.38
  • Breathless Chantilly Veil
  • HKD 5,859.38
  • Plain 1 Tier Chapel Length Tulle Veil With Raw Edge | Chapel Veil | Wedding Veil | Bridal Veil | Long Wedding Veil | Ivory Veil | VG1030
  • HKD 290.00
  • Lace Wedding Veil-Full Volume
  • HKD 581.58
  • Bridal Veil Fascinator
  • HKD 1,560.00
  • Meta Gold Bride Wedding Headband
  • HKD 780.00
  • Metal Gold Bride Headband
  • HKD 860.00
  • Vintage Bridal Veil Hat
  • HKD 1,170.00
  • Scalloped Cathedral Veil
  • HKD 5,584.21
  • Bush wedding veil, pink wedding veil, wedding veil with blush lace, Camilla lace veil Style 1635V, pink lace wedding veil, wedding vei
  • HKD 1,042.00
  • Wedding Veil,Bridal Veil,Tulle Veil,Crystal Veil,Embroidered Veil, Elbow Veil, Ivory Heirloom Veil, Beaded Veil - Style 001
  • HKD 4,119.55
  • Bridal Veil, Cathedral Veil, Wedding Veil, Long Veil, Ivory Veil, White Wedding Veil, Ivory Wedding Veil, Tulle Veil- Style 304
  • HKD 1,695.24
  • Juliet Cap, Wedding Veil, Bridal Veil, Alencon Lace Veil, Long Veil, Chapel Length Veil, Boho Veil, 1920's Veil, STYLE: EMILY
  • HKD 1,147.01
  • Wedding veil horsehair, wedding veil horse hair, horsehair wedding veil, crinoline wedding veil, wedding veil with trim, 4" trim veil
  • HKD 638.13
  • ROSELLA | chapel wedding veil with blusher, long bridal veil, ivory wedding veils
  • HKD 2,221.32
  • Vintage Wedding Veil and Tiara - Bridal Crown - Antique style Headpiece and ivory drop veil - Art Deco Veil
  • HKD 3,405.88
  • Horsehair Veil, Horsehair Drop Veil, Wedding Veil, Ivory Veil, Off White Veil, Fingertip Veil, Horse Hair Wedding Veil - VICTORIA
  • HKD 1,090.47
  • Bridal bracelet, Swarvoski Opal bracelet, Crystal bracelet, Bridal Jewelry, Bridesmaids bracelet, wedding accessories, gold bracelet, leaf, bridal shower gift The listing is for a bracelet only! This special and classic wedding bracelet make you shining and unforgettable on your big day. Handcrafted with good care of Swarvoski Opal Crystal and 18k gold bracelet. It is adorable and gorgeous and vintage designs. ♥ DIMENSIONS: 7.8" to 9.8" from the side to side closure, not included leaf
  • HKD 1,529.41
  • Cathedral Length Bridal Veil, Super Soft Bridal Veil, Mantilla Veil, Swiss polka dots Tulle lace trim veil, Bridal Veil Blusher, Style V009 Our Stunning gorgeous and elegance bridal Veil is handmade with super Soft Ivory Swiss polka Dot veil and beaded lace trim. It was made at free smoke and pet studio and fully handy made. You can wear it like Mantilla Veil. (Please let me know to add comb if you would need Mantilla Veil style) Or You can wear the veil to cover your face with blush
  • HKD 3,019.61
  • Wedding Veil, Bridal Veil, Mantilla Veil, Elbow Length Veil, Ivory Veil, Short Length Veil, Lace Mantilla Veil, Juliet Cap Veil, #3013 A delicated Truely Vintage inspiration Mantilla Veil featured golden thread floral lace and illusion tulle in ivory. a simple design with circle shape and at elbow length. ♥ COLORS: Ivory. Gold plate comb on top ♥ Shipping Arrives with a box Ships worldwide via Air Register Mail by HongKongPost. Provides register number for tracking the post once
  • HKD 768.63
  • Wedding Veil, Juliet Cap Bridal Veil, Bridal Veil, 1920s Veil, Cathedral Veil, Chapel Lenght, Long Veil, Bridal Cap Veil, Bridal Veil, #3011 A delicated Truely Vintage inspirationJuliet Cap Veil in 20s and 30s Style Veil. This veil is created with a very soft and fine tulle in ivory. The veil attaches with two Pearl and Rhinestone Hair combs on the side of the head. This veil is made to order in different length and color, please allow 1-2 weeks for production. ♥ DIMENSIONS: 60“ w
  • HKD 1,945.10
  • Baum embroidered silk-tulle veil
  • HKD 7,014.00
  • Wedding Pearl Headband,Wedding Hair Vine,Bridal Halo,Bridal Hair Vine,Floral Wedding Headpiece,Pearl Bridal Tiara,Bridal Crown
  • HKD 557.00
  • Juliet Cap Bridal Veil
  • HKD 2,866.00
  • Lace Wedding Veil
  • HKD 1,874.00
  • Butterfly veil, elbow, fingertip, knee, waltz, floor, chapel or cathedral length
  • HKD 2,070.00
  • Lace Hair Piece with Small Birdcage Veil - Bridal Lace Hair Piece
  • HKD 764.00
  • Silk tulle wedding veil
  • HKD 3,822.00
  • Blush Bridal Veil
  • HKD 2,779.00
  • Cathedral Petal Wedding Veil
  • HKD 5,557.00
  • Couture Bridal Veil, Beaded Wedding Veil, Cathedral Veil, Statement Veil, Blush Veil, Royal Cathedral Veil, Veil, Statement Veil - FREYA
  • HKD 27,707.00


How to Customize

1. Email concierge@asiaweddingnetwork.com with photos of what you want to customize.

2. We’ll email you back with the best quote from our vendors!

Can be applied to worldwide locations in the following categories:


-Gifts & Favors

-Wedding Cakes

-Flower Bouquets

-Bridesmaids Dresses

-Wedding Dresses

*For categories not listed, please email concierge@asiaweddingnetwork.com for more info!

How to Buy a Product

*Click Shop and 2 things can happen:


For products listed from our partners, the link will go directly to where you can purchase the item


For products sold through us, the Chat function will pop up so you can chat with us more about the product. With products sold through us, we want you to confirm all details before buying!



How come I can’t place items in a shopping cart like other shopping sites?

Weddings are a once in a life-time event. We want you to confirm all details about each product you are buying before paying. That’s why we want you to chat with us and get as much info as you need before buying an item.


When I click through, some items are out of stock - what should I do?

We try our best to choose products that are available and that you’ll love. But sometimes, you’ll find that an item you found is no longer available for sale by one of our partners. When this happens, please let us know by using the Chat function - our team will look around the web and let you know where it is available (if it is). We’ll also remove the product so we won’t add more confusion to others!


How do I make the payment?

Different items have different payment requirements. Usually ATM Transfer, PayPal, Wire Transfers, Credit Card payments are all accepted.


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