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When people think of wedding cakes, many think of a big white layered cake, complete with flowers and a mini bride and groom topper. However, lately more and more couples have been opting for a dessert table, where they serve many smaller cakes, as well as other desserts like pies, cookies, and candy- and for good reason. 

smaller wedding cakes trending

There’s been an interesting trend of placing one small cake at every wedding guest table so guests can get up and try cakes from each others’ tables. Not only do these mini cakes look cute and stylish, but they also allow couples to serve multiple different flavors and types of cake at their reception. 

smaller wedding cakes trend

Deciding between different types of cake can be a really difficult decision for many couples. Maybe you can’t choose between a few different flavors that your baker offers, or maybe you and your husband-to-be want completely opposite flavors of cake! By opting for several mini cakes, it’s easy to avoid a disagreement and please everyone. You can also include different flavors that are special to you as a couple, as well as both of your families. 

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A comprehensive dessert table or placing many little cakes on each guest table allows you to incorporate the flavors of your mom’s classic chocolate cake, or the strawberry cheesecake that you and your fiancé had on your first date. Each cake can even tell a story or be representative of your relationship. 

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Multiple cakes also give you the flexibility to cater to various dietary restrictions. You can even offer cakes that are low fat or low calorie for those that want to eat healthy, or gluten and lactose free cakes for those with specific food restrictions. This way, everyone can happily enjoy a slice of cake at your wedding. You can even place the different mini cakes at strategic locations throughout your reception, so that instead of all crowding around one cake stand, or waiting to be served, guests can go up and help themselves instead of waiting in line. 

smaller wedding cakes trends cupcakes

Another fun option is to offer cupcakes, or mini individual cakes (similar to bundt cakes, only smaller). Not only are they completely adorable, but they look impressive when arranged on a tiered dessert table. You can play with different colors and decorations, and create cute patterns with the cupcakes. Guests can have fun trying different flavors as well. Cupcakes also require far less cleanup than a traditional cake because they do not require any silverware. This could be especially helpful if you are planning on having an outdoor buffet style reception. 

small wedding cakes trend

Also, if you have leftovers, they are easy to box up and send home with guests, so they won’t go to waste the way that extra layer cake would. Cake decorators are offering more and more options for mini cakes and other small desserts. A dessert stand allows for more creativity than a traditional cake, because you can choose the way you arrange your items to be visually appealing and reflect your unique style as a couple. 

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Guests also love the feeling of having options, so the more you provide them with, the happier they will be. Talk to your decorator about ways that you can incorporate smaller cakes (or cupcakes) into your reception, and they will help you determine exactly what you want and what fits your family’s needs. 

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