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Creating a truly personal pre-wedding shoot that you and your fiancé can display on your wedding day involves way more than just choosing a photographer and location. Creating a photoshoot session that is carefully curated and produced with much more thinking behind it allows you to paint an unforgettable love story between you and your fiancé that you’ll get to look back on and remember forever! But creating a memorable pre-wedding photo session involves way more than you think. We spoke to Hong Kong YouTuber, Elizabeth Yeung and the vendors that created her pre-wedding shoot to share with brides-to-be everything you’ll want to know about creating a stylized pre-wedding shoot:

“Create a mood board or photo concept beforehand.” - Elizabeth Yeung

“I think it is very important to have a mood board or photo concept before you start planning your photoshoot. Not only will it help you choose your dress, but it will also give some guidance to your team regarding what you want. Having a mood board will allow your makeup artist, photographer and florist/decorator to understand what you want and put everything together smoothly.” 

“Tell your bridal stylist everything about yourselves as a couple.” - Joey from Joman Wedding

“The say that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ That is why having a bridal stylist now is so important as we will work with you to style the whole pre-wedding shoot from head to toe. Whether it’s picking the right outfits or creating the color theme and shooting style, bridal stylists plan everything for the shoot. As a bridal stylist we are also storytellers, we want to portray your love story and personality without words.  That is why it is important for us to learn about our couples, how they met, what brought them together and the unforgettable moments they shared, so we can illustrate that in the pre-wedding shoot. Every detail matters because it is within the small details that lies the true character and unique characteristics of each special couple.”

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“Choose a wedding dress that matches the shooting location.” - Noel Chu Atelier

“Location is key when planning a pre-wedding photoshoot. We will see if it is outdoor or indoor, style of the venue, season of the shoot taking place and duration of the shoot etc, then to decide what dress styles to suggest for the bride. We usually like to prepare several accessories, detachable parts like bolero, outer skirt, veils for our brides. It is nice to do some mix and match with the dresses on set to create more variety with just a simple touch.”

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“Match your accessories with your theme.” - L’Atelier de Bon

“In the wedding accessories field, most of the times headpiece will go with the flow of the color theme & wedding gown style. For example for this shoot we provided 2-3 options with floral elements or rustic gold items to match with the lilac & gold theme. We always recommend our customer to choose their outfit before deciding any accessories, which could help them to avoid confusion of creating their wedding attire.”

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“If your budget allows, hire a wedding planner or bridal stylist for the shoot.” - Elizabeth Yeung

“I met Joey, my bridal stylist, half a year ago so she knows my preferences and style. We discussed the colour and mood I wanted and she gave me some suggestions as to what is on trend. As I wanted my pre-wedding photos to be both timeless and stylish, we decided that we will go for a lilac theme. Although purple wasn’t one of my favourite colours growing up, I wanted my pre-wedding photos to represent me a bit more and lilac is perfect as my Chinese name has the word purple in it. I would highly recommend getting a wedding planner or bridal stylist if you have the budget to spare. They exist in the market for a reason, and you can trust the professionals.”

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“Create a bouquet that matches to the photo concept.” - Ms Bridals

“Before a pre-wedding photoshoot, we have discussions with the couples and vendors. I think we are different is that, we love to create new styles and designs for different couples. We will discuss all the details together, from dresses to make up, hair style, floral design, accessories and decorations. We come up a style / colour theme in mind and put all the best designs together. The experience on preparing a style shooting is quite different from doing big day decoration as style shooting can be more creative and less constraints by wedding venue and time. Every style shooting can show our design features and details.”

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“Have a meeting with your makeup artist beforehand.” - Joman Wedding

“As make up artists, our relationship with our clients are personal and unique. We are there to help bring out the beauty and the story of our newly-weds-to-be. It is important to us to meet and connect with the couples to hear their love story and get to know each of their different personalities. We will have an in-depth conversation with our bride-to-be, as it is so crucial to understand what our bride’s like and dislikes are. From her character, skin condition, hair and make up preferences to the dresses she would like to wear, all these information helps us analyse and create the perfect bridal looks for her. To ensure the shoot will go smoothly on the day, we will also give guildence to our newly-wed-to-bes on the running order of the shoot so it can be conducted in the most efficient manner on the day.”


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Bride: YouTuber Elizabeth Yeung | Bridal Styling: Joey Tang from Joman Wedding | Makeup & Hair: Joman Wedding | Wedding Dress: Noel Chu Atelier | Florist: Ms Bridals | Hairpiece & Veil: L’Atelier de Bon | Necklace: Lane’s Bridal | Decoration: Pride to Be | Calligraphy: Love Letters | Photography: Vision Wedding | Nails: Eighty Eight HK | Shoes: Christian Louboutin