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Have you ever heard of a faux wedding cake? It might sound strange but this fake wedding cake trend is becoming more common among brides across the world. While we love and appreciate the craftsmanship of a well-designed all-real wedding cake, sometimes fake faux wedding cakes can be more fitting for your wedding day! So what is a fake wedding cake? A ‘faux (or fake) wedding cake’ is typically a piece of styrofoam that is designed to look like a wedding cake. Sometimes the whole cake is fake - and sometimes there is a space in the middle to insert a piece of real cake for the cake-cutting ceremony. There are many reasons couples turn to faux weddings cakes on their big day. Allow us to explain - check out our list of 19 reasons why sometimes, we just love to use a fake wedding cake!

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1. Fake cakes will look flawless in wedding photos

Unless you splurge on fondant, cakes aren’t likely to look perfect. This may be due to guests walking by and accidentally scraping the cake, weather conditions, or other uncontrollable factors. Using a fake wedding cake will provide perfect pictures. You’ll be able to look back at the photos and remember your wedding (perfect) cake forever.

2. Fake cakes are easier to transport

Transporting real wedding cakes can be really stressful, especially if the distance between the bakery and your wedding location are far away. Fake cakes will take the stress off of your wedding planner and will guarantee a great look for your reception. No more nightmares about your wedding cake tipping over on your wedding day!

3. You can spend the money on more delicious options

More brides are choosing to serve several types of desserts during their reception in consideration of their guest’s differing tastes. Nowadays, couples usually opt for a small cake to cut. Usually this cake is placed in between the elaborateness of a faux wedding cake. Then other fun wedding desserts - like macarons, cupcakes, candy pops - are served!

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4. Fake cakes won’t give you any ‘unpleasant surprises!’

If you are worried about every little detail coming together for your wedding cake, a fake cake can help bring you a piece of mind. Your pastry chef can send you pictures a few days in advance as they begin to piece it all together. Once they create the (faux) wedding cake of your dreams, you’ll be able to approve it immediately or even add more elements to the cake!

5. You don’t need to tell the world it’s fake

If you are concerned about what your guests will think about a fake wedding cake, usually staff members can place the cake on a cart for the cake cutting ceremony. After you cut the real layer, they can wheel the cake out right after. They can then go cut pieces of the real cake to serve the wedding guests. They’ll never know!

6. Summer weddings = Faux wedding cakes

Summer weddings are beautiful but can be risky to your cake. Sweltering temperatures can cause your frosting to melt, which allows your cake to lean over! Using a fake cake will help prevent this by adding more stability to the inner foam.

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7. No wasteful leftovers

Are you having a destination wedding? If you are concerned about having leftover cake that can’t be taken home, picking up a faux wedding cake can help with any unwanted leftovers.

8. You still get to have a fun topper

You can still choose a memorial cake topper for your fake cake! Get as creative as you’d like and stick the cake topper right into the styrofoam to complete the look.

9. Serve multiple real cakes for a variety of flavors

As we mentioned before, fake cakes allow you to have more freedom when it comes to desserts. Chose a couple of real cake flavors to serve while using a fake cake for decor. You can have the elegant cake staged throughout your entire reception - and you can have your guests choose the flavours they want to eat!

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10. Consider using a fake cake for the “groom’s cake” tradition

Do you feel the need to keep up with the tradition of a groom’s cake? Use a fake cake for the groom’s cake! This allows you to serve a real cake while showing off a design that your husband will love.

11. Great for small, intimate weddings

If you aren’t having a large elaborate wedding, but want a grand, beautiful wedding cake, fake cakes are great to offer that luxurious design without wasting food.

12. Save money with fake cakes

Even if you aren’t on a set budget, fake cakes are usually cheaper. This will allow you to splurge on other items during your wedding planning experience.

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13. You don’t have to use fake cakes on the big day - think pre-wedding or engagement reception

You can pick up a fake cake for pre-wedding photoshoots or other events leading up towards the wedding.

14. DIY the cake

Are you a fan of DIY? If you are having a DIY themed wedding, you could even create the fake cake yourself! There are plenty of tutorials online that show you how to pull it off. Or you can purchase a white styrofoam fake cake, and do the decorations from there!

15. It’s easy to ship to any wedding location

Have you fallen in love with a cake across the world? Or are you planning a destination wedding? Fake cakes are easy to ship, allowing you to have a beautiful cake regardless of where you tie the knot.

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16. You can get very creative with the cake design

If you are using your cake just as a decoration, fake cakes allows you to get creative. Place flowers that aren’t food safe onto the fake wedding cake. Make it beautiful! Create a fake cake that really ties into your wedding theme.

17. Consider a test run for your fake wedding cake

Stuck between cake designs? Pick up a fake cake for a bridal shower or event. Test out your ideas before committing to one for your reception!

18. Faux is trendy

Not being wasteful is the newest trend. If you consider yourself a trendy bride, consider adding a fake cake to your reception. You won’t regret the benefits it offers!

19. Have your cake and eat it too

Fake cakes allow you be creative, save money and offer delicious desserts at your wedding. You can really have it all!